Perfect Nude Kim-Kardashian-Lip for Everyone


Well, Kim’s not everyone’s favourite but we cannot deny the fact that her make-up is amazing and quite wearable for both young and old. It can transcend through women of different careers and in a range of age groups. Without reference to the person’s character, keeping this objective, we will try to find a way to make this work for us.

Let us begin with lip care. Healthy and non-chapped lips will beat even the best of lip colours. You can mask a naturally pigmented lip but not a dry parched one. Moisturise your lips every night to make sure they stay plump. A colourless lip balm will do wonders overnight. It does not have to be branded and expensive. It may even be home-made. As I’m a fan of home remedies, I have extensively used coconut oil and olive oil to every imaginable body part. I don’t only use them for cooking but also for topical applications. My tested and proven body exfoliators are brown sugar and any of the two oils. If you have been dealing with dry lips, leave on balms overnight and the morning after try to lightly scrub your lips with the said concoction.

When your lips are plump and lipstick-ready, try putting on a lip primer. If this is not within the budget, a quick alternative is foundation or concealer on the lips. Lightly dab it on lips to blank out the colour. This works exceptionally to pigmented lips and will prolong lip wear. It will also definitely show off the pigment in your nude lipstick. Some ladies are not comfortable with foundation or concealer on the entirety of their lips and the solution is to line your lips with a concealer pencil or a nude lip pencil. The lipstick will stay in place and will not bleed.

Generally, nude lip colours are based on pink or orange then added with neutral brown. Rule of thumb is to find a colour nearest your natural lip colour. Pigmented lips are tricky. To resolve that, look at the inner lip. The colour you observe should be your best nude lip colour. There will be times that it might appear pink than orange. If you are not sure about this, there is no other way to resolve than to visit again the make-up counters. If there is a real struggle between you and make-up, it should take some befriending and frequenting the make-up sections anywhere you may encounter them. Explore, it would not hurt to learn a few things alongside your grocery shopping or errands to the mall. Start with the affordable lipsticks. Buy one of each pink and orange nude to try at home.  And if you have an exclusively pink or orange lip colour in your current kit, try mixing it with a brown or nude by dabbing little dots and blending it. See how the colour pays off in different lighting set-ups as this may affect colour. Try it in natural day light, indoor fluorescent light, yellow and white light.  If you feel you have achieved the nude lip, then no need to rush and buy a new lipstick. Mix, match and layer lip colours and you won’t have to buy new ones to keep your different make-up looks interesting.

For some, lining the lips is not enough. A perfected look will owe it to the highlight on the cupid’s bow, the v-shaped or depression in the centre of the upper lip just before the outline of the lips. To achieve a pouty look, highlight the middle lower lip outline with any gold or white shimmer that is best for your skin tone. Kim Kardashian’s signature lip is always endowed with gloss. To make the lips plumper than they already are, she adds gloss in centre of the lips only making it appear raised. Do not put gloss all over the lips or else it would defeat the main purpose of achieving a pouty lip. This mistake will result to a pair of huge lips that just ate extremely fatty food.

Perfect Nude Kim-Kardashian-Lip for Everyone

What eye make-up to pair it with? Since the lips are in muted natural tones, smokey eyes will definitely be a turn on. Kim wears either a soft golden brown smokey eye or darker one depending on the event she is attending. For ladies in the work force, I suggest the soft golden brown smokey eye for two reasons: it makes you look like you have just been to the Caribbean and two; it is very easy to achieve this eye make-up look.  And to transition this into the night out, bring on a black liner instead to make it stronger. For adventurous lasses, you can opt to actually wear any eye colour and play around since the nude lip give a lot of allowance to include colour in the over-all face make-up. A nice addition also would be to contour to define the cheek bones better and highlight using a lighter powder under the eyes. Do the rest of the face as you would in any other make-up look.

Usually, I’d be asked what to wear with this make-up look. To be honest, any should be fine unless you are in a fun run. Corporate people would fit any. Ladies in the university may opt for something a little sophisticated. Nothing extravagant is necessary. As I’ve said, this look is wearable through a range of age groups, so whatever you pair it with will surely work fine. Your eye shadow will recreate a more made up look while skipping it will result to a no make-up look.

By now, you should have understood that make-up is versatile. You can change just one thing and it becomes entirely a different look. The same applies for a nude lip colour. It is so versatile that you can actually wear it differently for a given set of occasions. It is easy to play around with since it gives opportunity to the other parts of the face to play with colour. The easy transitions from the no make-up look, to corporate day look to night out of nude lip colour are enough reasons to wear one. I think this is nothing new and will stay for good, so go and explore it. It will never be too late to do so but I believe now is always the right time. Good luck!


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