Pearl me Bright: Guide to wear them Right!!!


Sit in the time machine and roll back to your childhood when sprinting on the beach you tried to find that precious pearl inside umpteen oysters with excitement. Most of the times this quest met with dejection, however, sometimes it also meant sweet surprise. Once we bloom from cute girls to modern fashionistas we come to know that having pearls is as easy as strolling into a jewellery shop and swiping your card for that perfect set of Pearlies. Ta-da!!!

pearls neck accessoriesThere is nothing like a single string of classic pearls. They add sophistication and polish instantly to your overall look, making them perfect for office wear. Remember not to overdo it by wearing all your pearl accessories together for office. It’s your necklace, bracelet or earrings. So go solo ladies for that oh-so professional look.

Evening gowns and pearls work like magic! For that princess womanly feel, pair your gowns with large statement ornate pearls. A single tone solid colour dress is a better option to go with pearls. If your dress has too many colours or drama then pearls are off the hook. What’s more? Parties like these allow you to combine your favourite pearl bracelets, stud earrings and bracelets together. Hope this satisfies your hunger to showcase your love for pearls all at once :).

If you are opting for up-do hairstyles, dangling pearl strings can be your choice of earrings. Don’t like the monotone pearl look? Well there is something exactly available for buyers like you. Pearl necklaces can be modernized in a jiffy by adding pendant of all shapes and sizes which help you to stand out from the usual pearl crowd.If you can colour coordinate your Picture1pendant and outfit or other accessories like shoes or purse, nothing like it.

For an everyday chic look, you can play with coloured pearls, chunky sets, to multi stranded or layered pearls. These look trendy even with denims. Yes you heard me right. Denims! Remember same rule works for office and everyday look – Do not look over dressed by wearing all pearl accessories together. Wear it singularly for giving them the attention that they deserve.

If you decide to give pearls a special place in your life by wearing them for your wedding, go for shades that are a closer match to the colour of your gown. It should complement your overall look and not conflict with you or your dress by being too in-your-face. If it’s a sleeveless dress, go for a single string bracelet and to play it safe keep the necklace just below your collar bone.

Sarees are too hot these days. Make them look hotter by opting for a classy short pearl set for that royal look or portray your flirty romantic side by a donning a long string of pearls, going all the way down till your waist. Same trick can be applied when wearing that itsy bitsy little black dresses – LBDs

Tip to Remember: Pearls being absorbent pick on the perfume scent and cosmetic colours. Hence, be careful while wearing them as these external factors affect the colour and sheen of your pearls.

Classic movie beauties – Elizabeth Taylor and Marilyn Monroe used them as extension to their alluring persona. While today’s hip celebrities like Angelina Jolie, Rihanna, Michelle Obama are catching up on the pearl trend by giving them a high pedestal in their fashion wardrobe. If it might help to know, pearls are more popular than diamonds at auctions. Who said pearls are for grandmothers? I am sure no one did after reading these cool ways to wear pearls for almost any occasion.


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