Pairs of Shoes Any Woman Must Own


Most beauty gurus I have encountered whether on blogs or on vlogs maintain this idea that girls can never have too much of anything creating this illusion of spending relentlessly. I am a snob for not believing in that. I suggest you get everything you need and not add more to it until they are worn out or extremely out of style, which might be never since we are sticking with the classics. Also, for humanitarian reasons, why spend too much on things that you can actually limit. Save the rest and take a portion for charity. Does it sound too good to be true? Try it. It will feel refreshing and fulfilling compared to a day of lashing out your money in the mall just because you feel like it.

Women Shoes

How do you keep yourself from spending? Start with your shoes. Limit the number of pairs you have and do not go overboard. Creating a capsule shoe collection will give you all the choices you need for a very long time if not a life time. Stick with the classics. The main considerations are: flat/ heeled, closed/ open, rubber/leather. And since we have labelled these as the classics, they should be durable and comfortable. Also, expect to shell a good sum of money because comfortable and durable usually mean expensive. No, you do not buy them all at once. Think things over. I am quite sure that you do have an existing shoe collection. I say stop buying fancy and trendy shoes and look for quality.

Minimum requirements are: comfy for the rest of the day, neutral in colour and fit like a glove. How do we qualify comfortable? Usually, at first glance you would already sense that a shoe is comfortable through the visible padding. Touch it and wear it so you could feel it with weight of your whole body on your foot. Try to walk in the store. Inside you should feel like you are walking on foam and not on a shoe. This will ensure somehow that you will resist the urge to switch into your comfy-but-ugly shoes or sandals during the day. These kinds of shoes are usually pricey because the technology it took to invent these was also costly. Prepare for that. Save up for it or wait until the sales kick in. Next, opt for shoes that are neutral in colour. They should fit in mix and match outfits for the rest of the week especially if you do not wear uniforms. Nude, blue or black are your best bets. Nude is very dainty but sophisticated but will fit naturally into your wardrobe. Blue on the other hand is a mix of experimentation and ambience. While black is strong and confident, it will probably fit any ensemble as well. Any colour you choose among these three will be fine. Of course, black will always be the classic and universal choice but you can be more adventurous with nude or blue. From trying the shoes in store, you should have a general conclusion already that it fits exactly to your shoe size. May I remind you that you should not shop for shoes after a long day of standing and walking? Tired feet tend to be bigger and swollen from carrying all the weight of your body. They can increase as much as half sizes in your regular shoe size. It is best to shop for shoes when you have just been sitting all day or haven’t done much. Another tip, this is quite awkward or even embarrassing to do in stores, but try running and jumping around with the shoes on, if they don’t budge out of your foot or hurt your feet, it must mean they fit you nicely. It is better to look silly before purchase than after it. I used to have shoes that are left of the ledge of the train because they don’t fit me right.  Keep all of these requirements while you shop for your staple shoes.

The first pair I think you’ll need is the office shoe. This is characterized by a kitten or high heel and is definitely a closed shoe.This may be a pointed or blunt shoes and the heel may be chunky or a stiletto. Depending on your personal preference, you may choose any and they shall fit your wardrobe and your endurance. Of course, kitten heels will be much more comfortable than the 3-5 inch heels you always see on models. A chunky heel is sturdier than a stiletto and will be no less sophisticated. A little pop of gold somewhere in the shoe would be lovely but may be out of trend in the not so distant past. A pure coloured shoe will surely stay as a classic.

The flat closed shoe is next. This is another staple that will stay for good in your racks and will be your go-to-shoe when you just want to be easy going. These can be worn during weekenders or even during weekend jobs. These are mostly meant for casual outfits. There are foldable flats that can fit into your bag snugly. You can take them anywhere especially if you foresee that your feet will hurt from the heels you are supposedly wearing. The flat ballet flats are my most battered pair in my shoe collection because they are so flexible and multi-purpose. I think most ladies will find this true.

There will not always be just meetings or regular days in the office. For sure, you will be attending evening parties, too. You might be invited in your boss’ home, who knows? Friday nights ought to be spent in open heeled footwear. If you go out with those office shoes I just described above, chances are you’ll still feel like working in the party. I think ladies have a certain attachment or memory to a shoe. Keep professional and personal detached. Wear the right shoe.

Another weekender is the open flat footwear. This is to be worn during the sunny days of summer. In other time zones, they may be worn the whole year round. Reserve this footwear for when you just had a pedicure. Flash those toes and let them tan under the sun. Any design for this footwear will be of your own choice. Examine your wardrobe. Is it girly and dainty? Or is it tomboyish and neutral? From the general feel of your wardrobe you may choose what kind of open flats can fit universally with any of your ensembles.

This goes without saying, rubber shoes or sneakers! Not everyone is sporty but everyone should at least be doing a certain kind of exercise. The only reason for exercising is to be healthy and get fit and not some loser you met in the bar who would not ask you out. Once you approach 30’s, you should be re-examining your lifestyle and the current state of your health. It will never be the same back in college. So straighten up your act and wear those rubber shoes. These are an investment not only to your feet but also to your health. Now, get up on your feet and start re-arranging your shoe collection. Good luck!


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