Go for organic makeup this summer season


We have heard of saving the environment through recycling, hybrid cars, and eating organic foods but what about makeup? We use it every day and it’s important to find a makeup that makes you feel radiant and beautiful, but what if that same makeup could help the environment too. Would you use it?

organic makeup this summer season

Switching your makeup routine can be a really hard thing to do. Most women don’t even know where to start looking but I want to give you a few tips on how to choose the right all natural look to compliment your lifestyle. This is the perfect season to tone down on makeup because you want that beach inspired look, so let your natural beauty shine through. I want to look at some of the best organic products in the market today to make you feel beautifully natural inside and out.

Choosing the right color is important as well. It should match the skin tone on your jaw line. Beware, the color of the bottle does not reflect the color it will have on your skin. The best way to find the right shade is to go to stores that allow trying the makeup on your face before you buy. Try to see it in daylight as weIl. Apply the foundation to your problem areas and blend the edges well, whether it is around your eyes or down the neck.

Best Organic Mascara

Good mascara is hard to come by because we’re so active throughout the day. As women we are expected to take on many different roles ranging from being an athlete to being a business woman and our mascara usually can’t keep up with us. There is one mascara that has been tested and it works wonderfully, even on your most active day. Say hello to truly long lashes with Aveda_s Mosscara. It’s made with Iceland moss and other pure plant extracts and it goes on smoothly and lasts for quite a long time. I especially like that it’s not clumpy or messy like a lot of other mascaras on the market today. It comes in earth and black forest shades and the best part is when you use it, it looks completely natural.

Best Organic Lip Balm

I am somewhat addicted to lip gloss and lip balm because I like the fullness it gives to my lips without dealing with lipstick smudges everywhere. It’s really hard to find a great lip balm though. I have gone through dozens of different brands and I have never really found that one special lip gloss until I stumbled across eco lips pure and simple lip balms. They have a variety of different flavours including kiwi-strawberry, caffeine, coconut, and grape. They offer different tints and shimmers to choose from but the best part is as soon as you put it on your lips you don’t even notice you are wearing it. It’s not sticky and it does not smudge, it just feels comfortable.

Best Organic Foundation

There are many people who don’t know how to choose the right foundation for their skin color. They either choose one that’s too light or too dark and then they end up with this strange orange skin tone. I have actually found that liquid foundation is not only easier to apply than powder foundation but it also looks more natural and gives you an even skin tone. The best organic foundation on the market is NVEY ECO organic moisturizing liquid foundation. Although it is a little more expensive then some foundations but the final product is well worth its price tag. It leaves you with a fresh, smooth dewy look and as a bonus its organic ingredients actually help your skin look great even when you are not wearing foundation.

Make Up Tips – first, you should use a base coat for covering the eyelids. For that, white cream is best option instead of using powder. You should apply the base by using fingertip. It works pretty well. It is very important to apply the base as it helps rest of the make up to stick. Usually combination of three colors is considered the best, especially for an evening look. Go with two or three colors, because combining more than two or three shades can be a messy start. Applying light eye shade under the eyebrows, apply in a downward position. Use the medium eye shade across the eyelid from the inner points to 3/4 of the way to the other side. Finish with the darkest filling the other 3/4 left, and across the crease. Brush it out slightly past the edges of the eyes. If you want a more dramatic look, apply some beneath the eye. Use a soft pencil to line the lids- choose a color that matches or is darker than the shadow you used in the crease line just over the top lashes, and just below the bottom lashes often the appearance and smudge the liner and under-eye shadow. Use brown or black mascara for the finishing touch. You will find that mascara will brighten up your
eyes naturally, even if you’re not wearing much make up at all and going for the natural look. Keep the blush and lip colors minimal so that the focus remains on your eyes.


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