Oily Skin Care Tips for Summer Season


For people who enjoy winters, summers are dreadful! Your skin feels oily and sweaty through the day and you might find yourself skipping on a few essential products. Here’s a list of things that will help you get through this summer season effectively.

  1. Wear the right sunscreen

Avoid rubbing greasy sunscreens on your face, instead look for ‘screens that contain at least an SPF of 15 and are oil-free. Remember to reapply to your skin every few hours to prevent sun spots, freckles, pre-mature wrinkling, and harmful UV damage. Hats also make great accessories in protecting your skin!

  1. Blot

Use blotting tissues to eliminate extra shine, as oily skin is more prevalent during summer months. Consider swapping your foundation for a lighter BB cream with silicone or tinted moisturizer, which won’t clog your pores.

  1. Exfoliate

Remove those dead winter skin cells, excess oil, and leftover sunscreen by using a scrub or brush on dry skin before you shower. Don’t forget to apply lotion/moisturizer post exfoliation for best results!

  1. Exercise

Give your skin a natural glow by sticking to an exercise routine. We all know exercising is dire for good health, but it also increases blood flow to help nourish skins cells. Sweating opens your pores to help rid your skin of dirt and impurities.

  1. Hydrate

Excess summer sweating and sun exposure result in a lack of moisture. Make sure you consume enough water and don’t ditch your moisturizing routine! (Seasonal fruits, especially watermelon have high concentrations of H2O…you’re welcome).

  1. Wash your face

 It’s easy to skimp on basic skin care maintenance, especially with a hectic summer schedule. Be sure to wash your face twice a day and don’t allow make-up, or dirt and grime from the day to rest on your skin overnight.

Hope these tips will make you look radiant and glowing even in this hot season.


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