Nude colours in Fashion


Girls if you are looking for something classy and sober, nude is the colour for you this season. Nude is the colour if you want to look attractive but natural at the same time. Keeping in mind the season and the weather, which is going to go up in degrees, you can try out the following wears: nude pumps and wedges for pleasant foot wear styles. For make-up and accessories you can give nude lipsticks and eyeshadows a shot, and to top it off nude bags would be a perfect addition to the whole range.


Why nude? Here are a few benefits of nude colour that one would normally never associate with fashion. Nude has been the new fashion colour for years. It is simple but attractive. Most importantly nude suits all skin tones – so it doesn’t matter whether you have a slightly dark complexion, or mixed tone. From being light coloured to a dark tone nude makes you look good. Nude is also not limited to clothes or shoes, it can be applied to and covers everything in the fashion industry. It is neither too colourful, nor too bright or too dull. It provides a perfect balance for the eye to look at and gives you a style advantage over others. It gives you a soothing touch so that people are not too taken aback by your choice, but at the same time you continue to be a show stopper.

Nude is undoubtedly the best day colour. It is perfect for a day event, a gallery opening, an art exhibit, a flower show, a book fair or a food festival. Nude does not blind the eyes and instantly helps you to make conversations and get your social circles going. No doubt nude colour remains the most popular amongst high society ladies – from kitty parties to an exhibit – nude sets the mood.

Nude lipsticks are a great combination with heavy make-up, especially with the eye. It provides a great contrast and makes anyone look great. Nude eyeshadows practically looks good with everything. The best part about nude is that, it is not too much, but at the same time it is not nothing either.

Nude bags are almost like a blessing in the fashion world. Suppose you have an outfit that is not too bright, since you decided to tone down your party girl look or your mood is just not up for a flashy outfit, it is nude colour that will come to the rescue. Nude bags go with any kind of outfits and does not make you the odd one out at a party.

A consistent problem that one finds is to match the shoes with the right kind of bags and outfit. The best part of nude shoes that it supports a wide range of colour – from off white, beige, grey, light green, pink, light purple, brown and any of the shades in the lighter colour. With styles one can always go with nude pumps and wedge heels which are the two most popular foot wear in the range.


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