No shave November is in


Initially, in the years between 1950s and 1980s, men were considered to be masculine only and only if they had that sign of being men, the beards and the moustaches. It was considered to be something related to their pride and respect. If one doesn’t have it, they are considered to be a child or somewhere not in parallel to other men. The elders and the people at the higher posts or having that respectful personalities maintained the same masculine characteristic and did even mock the ones who did not have one or would not see someone with the same eyes.

With changing times and the modernization creeping in, men started shaving and keeping clean shaved faces. Even women did appreciate the change and that they did like men with clean shave rather than long beards and moustaches. It gave a clean and clear picture of the men, boys at times. The times changed and eventually guys did stop growing longer beards and moustaches, more in for impressing the women and even that they liked it.

Initially the clean shave was not that popular and accepted because of the stereotype that had been created in the earlier days. Boys and men without beards and moustaches were not considered men simply because they did not have the beards. They did not like the fact that they were not accepted but eventually trend did settle in and in no time most of the men did resort to the clean shave.


And as the saying goes true, that nothing stays forever, the beard and moustaches are back in trend. But this time, it does stick to the fact that it suits only a few men and not everyone. Probably because of the growth of the hair and the overall look that one portrays. The No shave November is simply celebrated where in the men do not shave and grow their moustaches and beards and be the same for the whole of the months.

The long beards and the moustaches suits most to the tall and dark men. Even the growth does matter because the short and spikey growth doesn’t look good and do not give a better outlook overall. It has to be either long or crisp or rather not have it. Not necessarily does it suit to the tall and dark men, but preferably it does suit them. Even the body posture and the physique do matter when it comes to the moustaches and the beards. We would often make fun of a thin and lean guy having the moustache or beard as it might not suit him.

All in all, you never know when the trends change therefore move with the world. At any point of time the no shave November might vanish and only the shave season are in or it could be vice versa as well. Anything and everything that suits you and it accepted by the society is what people do.  Ensure that you look proper during occasions and even otherwise.


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