Nerdy look is back in Action!


Nerdy looks always make us remember Deepika Padukone in Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani and the way she flaunted her looks in the film. She proved that the glasses are not only for the ones who are studious and always in the books. Although in the first part she was shown the character that we connect to a nerdy but later on, she played the perfect blend of a chirpy girl who loved to explore the outside world. And the character is developed in the second half.

Moving on the same lines, there are many other artists and celebrities who prefer wearing glasses and have a cool look which thereby influences or to certain level persuade the audience out in the market to buy similar kind of glasses and let them flaunt their looks. The way the perspective of the people that have changed marks a beginning of the new era. It talks about how looking beautiful is not always preferred but the beauty also lies in the eyes of the other.

With advancement and invention, frames come in many shapes, sizes and patterns. Hardly have you just noticed one, and the other comes in the market. The optical industry is doing as good as the cosmetic industry and that at times both do complement each other as well. The different frames look better over different faces and look. Some would prefer simple rimless frames, whereas others would go for the full frames and also that with time and modern looks, the cat eye and the animal print is something that people would run for.

Nerdy look is back in Action!

Currently, the cat eyed frames are very much in fashion and that every other person, especially the girls would prefer having one. The shape of the frame is pointed at the edges of the eyes on the respective sides and that the bottom has an eye-shaped base. Along with the shape and patterns, even the materials have more of variety. The fiber, the glass, the plastic or the mixture of one or the other in different proportions is available, and people prefer buying various frames for the various occasions and purposes.

Not only does the glass give you a beautiful look at times but it also enhances the way the person is being judged as by the kind of the frame that he or she wears and carries it. Mostly the personalities are being differentiated. For example, someone who wears a rimless frame is taken as a serious and more of a professional personality and on the other hand, someone wearing a full frame is to be taken as someone who is very free about the way they perceive life.

It really does become important as to how do you chose the frame for your face and the occasion that you are going to. And therefore, it is equally recommended to have at least two pairs of glasses which you can wear either during a formal gathering or an informal get together. All that you need to do is to carry yourself with confidence be whichever frame you have on you.


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