Neon in Fashion


Guess what’s made a comeback into the fashion world? It’s neon! These loud and vibrant colours have made their way back into yesteryear’s plain wardrobe and are ruling it! These flattering colours are taking over the city, from your nearby shopping zone to the glittering designer streets, it is truly everywhere! These hues can be paired up with anything from the old torn jeans to the lovely slit skirt. Neon is perfect for the ones who love to delve into the adventurous world of fashion. These colours are best for the daytime events and nothing beats the perfect combination of the bright sunlight with that perfect fluorescent top. The most popular colours are the oranges, the pinks, the greens and the violets.


These colours adds the instant zest to your personal style and before you know it all eyes are  turning towards you at that office brunch. In case you’re thinking that’s its only the dresses, think again ladies! Neon is everywhere, from the dresses to the laces! This hot trend is in lingerie, bathing suits, and even makeup. The electric lip colours and the nail paints have become the best sellers. Why not? It after all becomes the only makeup you’d need. Speaking of bathing suits, neon is totally hot in swimwear this season. Bright pastel or printed bikinis and monokinis are truly creating its own wave on the seaside! There can, however, be one crucial drawback to these loud colours, if you are not cautious with them they can easily go overboard and end up in a terrible fashion faux pas. one of the most common question that women has, and mostly the ones who find loud colours a bit intimidating, is how to incorporate the neon into their wardrobe? There are a few basic tricks. The easiest way would be to accessorize. Instead of wearing a neon top one can always take a neon scarf instead, pair it up with the simple top you had your heart set on and take neon purse to complete the look. Accessorizing is not only easy on the eyes but is also easy on the wallet. The other trick is to wear it with nudes or neutrals. It’s a easy step for beginners before you go full on fluorescent! this trick always adds the perfect balance by soothing the eyes from the bright colours yet keeps the focus on that vibrant hue. Contrasting always help, so go total opposites with your neon by pairing it up with dark colours like black or navy blue. Once you are no longer a novice to the neon world it’s time for colour block, which is pair up one neon colour with another! But remember to know the balance. The two other thing that is important are makeup, which should not be too loud if you’re sporting neon and know your skin tone. Choosing the wrong neon ends up in a disaster. Keep these in mind and embrace the fun and frolic of the fashion world! Take a dip in the brightest colours and make yourself feel more energetic than ever.


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