Nails are getting shorter this summer!


In the backstage of the fashion shows in Milan, we saw fashion experts and models and their nails and what they feel for the nail trends for the summer season. While neon is still the favorite for the season for nails, there has to date on trends ‘nail’ for summer 2014.

nail styling

Go ahead to the nude shades and black!

‘The colors we see a return of the nude shades, so nails especially neutral and opaque, shiny and opaque, even black. But it must be strong! You can opt for a matte black, but you can also match the black in the nude. It is the time for a mixed variation and shades of black. There are designs which use black on the edges and mix with opposite colors.

If you want to be trendy then experimented with dark colors that are in fashion at this time. Ruby red, burgundy, cherry red, dark blue or better yet black. But do not forget to protect your nails against yellowing, which could be caused by these intense colors, always get the help with an enamel base.

The multicolour is the trend. Combine different colors. Opt for two horizontal stripes in contrasting colors, such as green and Blue. The effect is amazing and the combinations are endless.

Long nails are over

Looks like people are over of the normal long nails this season; this has to go as it started looking unhealthy and was difficult to take care of. Even it was in trends from a long time and now girls are out of it. With the working women getting more fashionable, the overall industry is diverting towards elegance. You can still have it as keeping you away from what every other woman is doing. But make sure that they are clean, strong and well in shape. Fashion is what you feel is looking good at you.

Enough nail art

Nail arts have been badly abused in last 3-4 years and people have been experimenting with everything to look different.  I have been seeing girls coming with damaged nails due to over polishing and mixing of colours. Sometimes with this overactive designing and fashion tendency puts your nails in a permanent damage which cannot be cured. This year i am bit relaxed as the demands for thinking of some new art for nails from customers are over. Now the demand is for elegance and mixture of shades. With shades coming in fashion the overall move is towards the lighter shares and a mix of them. Have you ever tried white or off white nails, do this and you will be stunned. Also do this, color your index and middle finger matching with your dress and leave rest in the natural color. How do they look? Why not take a picture while you are writing with a same coloured pen. I am sure you are going to leave your boss thinking.

The matchmaking

Everyone matched their nail either with their dress or bag or whatever they are wearing in their hands. Time has changed, why not try an opposite dressing, you are dressed in white or yellow, wear a pair of black shoes with matching nails and bag. OH, believe me it is gorgeous and looks very impressing. Fashion is how you perceive, and people start admiring and copying you if you are bold and beautiful.


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