Move towards Happiness


Life is full of ups and downs, be it at the school level, at home, college, workplace, either with friends or families, with media or at home, with common people or with the celebrities, every second person besides us is passing through the very good times or the worst of his life. All you need to learn is to love the life that has been given to you and live peacefully, be content with what you have and move towards happiness. It is said that after every sad moment of your lives, God has kept something good for you and you will soon be guided towards happiness. And this is so, because he gives you confidence and faith to be built in yourself and that you have to create the path towards happiness on your own.

You really have no other option than to create your own happiness, because if you rely on someone for your good, you can’t blame them for doing badly to you as well. From the very first day of our life, we are taught to spread happiness and to be happy ourselves. It is your life and that you will have to create it on your own. Parents, siblings, cousins, teachers, and friends will remain there by your side but will never take the pains to make your life for the whole of it, may be a part of it at times.

When you start being happy, the very first thing that you will realize is that the body that you stay in will also be happy and content with the fact that you are taking care of it by keeping it happy. The body reflects the mood that you are in and that you will stay in that for more. We can naturally see that during our mood changes and during our different phases of life. When we are super delighted, the smile on our face reflects and there are no blemishes or black heads or dark circles, it’s just the smile that glitters.

On the other hand, when you are not in the mood or have been in depression, you tend to lose weight, the skin turns pale, the face no more has the glow and the body answers all your sorrows. The glow in you no more stays and there comes a dark side of yours. You tend to stay alone and not socialize. And gradually the same remains and your body go weaker.

All that you need to do is, cry for something bad that has happened to you, but then, set a time limit for which you need to try and remove the feelings, a minute more than that and you need to punish yourself. Moving on and moving towards happiness is the key to live longer, beautiful and healthier. The better you stay, the more happiness you will spread and the better day you will have. Simply not to give the key to your happiness to someone else and rather keep it safe with you.


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