Milk for glorifying your beauty


Hiya lovelies! Now, I know that all of you have always been using milk for your drinking and food purposes. But did you know that apart from making you healthy and glowing from inside, milk can be used for your skin as well? Well, if you did not then you are all in for treat. We all use expensive products every day to keep our skin healthy but why use them, when we can use one of the products at our home? Milk and its other forms can be a great way to beautify ourselves.

Milk, especially raw milk is very healthy because it contains a lot of nutrients and vitamins which can be helpful and caring for our body like calcium, protein, vitamin A,D etc. I and well, of course all of you are familiar with being forced to drink a glass of milk everyday while in our growing up days. I, however, have always been a fan of how tasty milk is and how it has so many forms, all of them only adding benefits to our good health. But when I got to know from my mother that it can be used for skin purposes, well that just made me too happy to be true!


Milk, first of all, is widely known for being used in many different type of face masks, exfoliators and cleansers. But it can also be used just as raw milk, without adding anything extra to it and still beautify and cleanse your skin pores. Just take some raw milk in a bowl, dab a cotton ball into it and apply it to your skin. Go gentle with the scrubbing and cleansing. Rinse off after 2 minutes. This is can be used on a regular basis. Milk not only cleanses your skin pores but also makes your skin very soft and smooth. And you know what is the best part about using milk as your natural face cleanser? You don’t necessarily need to use a moisturizer afterwards because mlik provides natural hydration to your skin.

As I mentioned, yes, milk can act as a natural moisturizer as well. We all understand how many of the beauty products we use every day, often leaves our skin dry and rough. Well, you can use milk to smoothen your skin as well. Adding a banana to it, however can also give you some more extra moisturization.

Talking about adding extras to milk also makes me think of one more thing. Milk and potato can work as a great combination to lighten the dark spots on your skin and give you’re a clean and spot free skin. And as it can lighten dark spot, using a pack of milk, gram flour and lemon juice can also help in making your skin bright and lighten it by getting rid of the dullness done by environmental pollutants.

Pro tip: When you use milk for your face, also apply it to your neck area because that’s one spot we all often miss out on.


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