Mascara in Summers- Get beautiful eyes even in summers


When you want your eyelashes to look longer, thicker, and little curly, don’t let back because you can have alluring eyes, which can turn the heads of men towards you and that is by using a perfect mascara! In this world of starling beauty products, picking the perfect one is not easy. When it comes to the most sensitive and truth speaking eyes, they just don’t need branded, or quality. They need awesomeness.

Mascara- How to use it well

The tours and vacations during summer obviously can never be skipped like summer never skips during a year. Swimming, roaming with friends, surfing, and finally sweating is all what summer is about. Don’t you think the best mascara has to be picked which can bear the sun and keep you charming all the day? Of course, YES. There are un-clamp waterproof and long lasting mascaras available.

Summer and panda eyes are found most often. Every woman has the million dollar question, ‘what mascara to use in summer’? Is there a ‘the one and only’ mascara for summers? Mascara never holds the sweat of summer and wears down in a very short span. Water proof mascara only can hold back the heat and sweat. They are tested to be water resistant. Check if your mascara is GHRI tested before you buy one. They save time while removing the makeup during bed time. They never smudge so it will be easy while removing it. Also make sure you use eye makeup Moisturizing remover.

There are versatile brands like ‘the kiss me mascara’, launched by Blinc claims to gift thick eyelashes. Revlon grow mascara not only ascends the eye lashes and makes them thicker but also anticipates them from premature breakage. The brush is made up of quality fiber which gives an appropriate and impeccable eye lash. Maybelline falsies are mascara launched with Volume Express which has the flexible brush just like the shape of the eye line to reach the iota eye lashes. This is a long lasting smudge free mascara to make your night complete. Almay is a three in one mascara to give the light to strong, thin to thick styles on your eyelashes. Cover girl fusion is for those women who want thick lashes. The huge brush perfectly shades each and every eye lash and volumes it beautifully. Find the perfect mascara for summers and be the princess in the swimming pool rather than a monster in the sea.

Good mascara keeps the eyes alluring and if the makeup is on, they don’t spoil the eye liners and eye shadows during summer. Do you know there are other colors too? Black mascara is for every woman. Black looks perfect just like Cleopatra’s. She always used black. For the light skinned beauties black might give a different look. Blondes have to choose dark brown or shades of brown. Brown eyes need purple mascaras. Plum colors or blooming colors are awesome for blue eyes.


Natalie Portman’s uses the Dior New Show Look Mascara which multiplies the volume and actress, Ciara Princess Harris personal makeup artist, Yolanda Frederick advises to check the evenly spaced bristles and creamy consistency of the mascara which depicts quality.

Do you know the elegance to use the mascara?

It is recommended that you should use the mascara in a proper way, to get ensured about the performance and the longer lasting effects. For the reader’s sake, we are listing the common steps that would help her to use mascara for beautiful eyelashes.

Step 1: Warm the eyelash curler using a hair dryer. An eyelash curler is found in every cosmetic store. They are used to curl the eyelashes.

Step 2: Hold the eyelash curler and curl your beautiful eyelashes for four seconds. Did you find them curly? If yes jump to step3.

Step 3: Apply the mascara on the eyelashes depending on the thickness of the eyelashes. If they are thin and light, apply mascara little thick else a slight touch up will make them look attractive. Pull out the mascara brush with little volume on the tips of the brush and slowly turn the mascara thin brush backwards in circular motion towards the eyebrows.

Step 4: Apply one more layer to make them look long and avoid clumps. Aren’t your eyes looking gorgeous? Just wait to blink your eyes after you are done.

Never skip the mascara while you are making up. Do remember that there might be a guy around waiting to see a woman batting her eyelashes at him.

I hope all my suggestion here can be of your use, looking forward to have your comments, suggestion to make this blog more helpful and bring out that pretty look out of you!


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