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Hair colour is the black pigments present in our hair-follicle. These pigments are known as pheomelanin, eumelanin and melanin. The colour of our hair is dependent on the pigment eumelanin.

The hair colour may be genetic as well. The child of a spouse will resemble any one of his parent’s hair colour. From dyeing to proper styling of your hair, you will unearth all the tips and other necessary things that you must do to have a flawless and trendy hair.

I am penning down some very useful instructions and activities below for your daily hair-care. Few simple and stepwise directions for sensational hair and style. Obviously the professional consultation for colouring your hair to make certain your desired hair colour that can be performed at home easily is also described here step-by-step.

People may have various hair colours ranging from dark black, Brown hair, Blond hair, Auburn hair, Chestnut hair, Red hair, Gray and white hair. But all these colours are natural hair colours. But do you think people prefer to keep their hair colour natural as it is? People these days experiment a lot with their hair colour. Some try a completely different hair-colour than what they have naturally by birth.

Different people colour their hair for different purpose. Some need to cover their grey hair, again some need to colour their hair according to the trend. Some use non-popular colour even to set a trend. Previously hair-colour was applied to the entire hair. But in the modern days the youngsters and sometimes even the older person’s too prefer different colours with different shaded. In this trendy technique a bunch of hair is coloured that is called “gradations” or “streaks”. These streaks can be used in any way. You can put it in your natural hair colour or you may colour your entire hair and then put streaks where you find it looks good.

A right hair colour can enhance the beauty of your face and enhance the texture of your hair and your overall appearance.

Hair Colour Trends 2014, Hair Colour Guide for 2014

Other than using streaks, another stylish way to gear up your fashion trend is to highlight your hair in some special bunches. You can colour your entire hair and use some bunches o highlight them. Highlighting makes your hair look awesome with a light looks or blonde looks from different angles. Another way to boost up your hair style is “Low-lighting”. In this case you need to treat your hair with darker colours. If you have very newly started doing experiments with different hair colours at your home, and thinking about saving your pure from getting empty, you can use these incredible tips to help you show the direction. With the professional assistance you may even get results that are of the similar quality of a salon where you have lost many pennies previously unnecessarily as these can be done at home itself. Now you can deceive your colourist and make your wallet glad with more savings.

Separate the bunch of hair that needs to be highlighted or low-lighted. Then, wrap the bunch of hair with foil pieces or films of plastic. This helps to separate the bunch of hair you desire to colour separately. You may need to bleach your hair sometimes before you apply colour for highlighting. But be careful while using the bleach and the time limit for how much you can put it on your hair. Cap the hair and pull the strand of hair by using a hook. This type of hair colour applying technique is universal. You can even try them at home without investing much in the beauty parlors. If you have a desire to colour your hair permanently then a trendy technique to accomplish everlasting hair colouring is by using oxidation dyes.

The colour of your hair defines your look. And many times you are tired of always looking at the same colour tone! And sometimes you want to change and experiment with a new colour but the dilemma of choosing which colour to dye your hair is when you want to look fashionable and with a colour that is in harmony with your skin tone.

With these tips, you can have a stylish look and choose the hair colour that best matches your skin type. Get ready to dazzle everyone with a unique hair colour this season!

If you have white skin:

Latest fashion trends for this season put the brown colours in the most privileged place. If your complexion is clear or pinkish white colour, it is desirable to opt for a lighter shade of the range of the chestnut as hazel brown or auburn, as it highlights your features. The cool tones, like a champagne sand or ash blonde also sit well with your skin colour.

If you have a brownish or olive skin:

These skin tones are considered intermediate, neither very light nor very dark. This year women with this skin tone are in luck, because the colours of brown and reddish tints are those trendy and also those that best complement with this skin colour.

If you have light eyes, go for a reddish brown colour to your hair. If your eyes are brown, you can dare with reddish colour or opt for a tone range from dark brown, as anyone will look good with your skin.

If you have dark skin:

The darker skins are enhanced with darker dyes. From black to dark brown range, any help highlight and complement your skin. To give a different touch to your dye, test run some red glimmer, will give radiance to your hair and rekindle your face.

Avoid clear dye colours if your skin is very dark. Best choose bathroom lighting lighter than your hair colour tone. You will you bring sweetness and delicacy to your face.

Finally, remember that before you change the colour of your hair dye, you should moisturise well. Colour changes can react and cause discolouration of the dye. Wash your hair with products that help you to better retain colour as Protection Shampoo and Conditioner and apply moisturising mask at least twice a month.


Now you can choose the best hair dye to highlight your hair! Put a smile on your face and be ready for the season.


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