Living the lives of the celebrities


Almost 80 percent of the populations of the country or even most of the world’s population wonder if they could live the lifestyles of the artists and the celebrities. Just having a thought and living it differs and what is showing out in public via media is not true inside. There is no comparison of the lives that they live and that we live. One stays far apart from the reality until one does not live in it. All of us do feel that it is very easy and lavish way of living when actually it is not.

Media has tried to portray the lives of the celebrities in many ways, especially through talk shows and media chats. They are equally human and get the same number of hours in a day as much as the common people do. They live difficult life, obviously different from artist to artist and celebrity to celebrity. It all depends as to where you stand, where you have come from and how far you are aiming at.


Their day starts with either of the diet drinks or the coffee and juices and the exercise regime. They have the pressure of maintaining the same body throughout the shoots. Or that they cannot even put on or lose weight here and there because of their shoot scenes or at times they have the pressure of either gaining or losing the weight, depending upon the requirement. On the other hand, some of us are determined to maintain our health and bodies but we really have none over our heads pointing out the guns.

Their life cycles and the sleep cycles also do not have a routine and rather keep on changing. At times they are supposed to shoot at nights for more days while during the day on the other days. Fortunately, most of us have the morning to evening shifts where the sleep cycles are also normal and that our body is also destined to one cycle. When there are changes in the life cycles and the sleep cycles, our bodies tend to fall out of place and it becomes difficult for them to balance between the external changes that are taking place.

They seem to be the boss out in the media and out in the world but even they have to work according to what the directors and their producers ask them to. Even they are at the learning stage and every step is a delicate one, you never know which one is harsh and which one is better. Simply blaming them for a bad movie doesn’t make them bad but your mentality that goes deep down in the ground.

Just the lavish lifestyle that we think that these celebrities live is not the end of the story. Some of them earn hard to have it; others might have it when born but equally are talented to possess the lifestyle. Somewhere sometimes something is written in destiny and that none can change it or modify it.


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