Glamorous Lipstick Drawing – Get inspiration from Hollywood divas!


Hollywood stars walking down the red carpet during the Academy Awards night are quite a sight! It is the desire of every woman out there to follow the fashion trends set by the divas and the red carpet is watched closely to check on the actress that will come out with the best fashion statement of the year!

Glamorous Lipstick Drawing

  • Before going into the subject of choosing the perfect lipstick shades in night, here are a few tips to select the right lipstick shades for your lips.
  • It is pertinent to choose a lipstick shade that will complement the color of your lips. Select the lip liner that matches your lipstick shade as well.
  • Shades of brown, bronze and purple will suit well on women with large lips and those with thin lips can opt for peach, apricot and pink shades.
  • It is important to note that during the day time lighter shades would look good and during the nights it is better to wear a darker shade.
  • When choosing a lipstick, it is important that you don’t wear make-up as you need to know the shade that will go perfectly well with the original complexion of your skin.

Glamorous Lipstick Shades

Did you notice Selena Gomez wearing a tangerine lipstick shade while walking the red carpet at the SXSW Music Festival in Texas recently? She certainly looked hot! It is not just the lipstick shade that upped her sex appeal but the heavy eyeliner that she wore worked very well. Well, that makes it very clear that choosing a lipstick shade is not the only factor to look sexy during the nights out.
Rihanna, who was seen clubbing at the My Studio last January, sported a dark maroon lipstick but wore a simple pair of jeans and matched it with a red blouse. She made it a point to emphasis on the lipstick shade more than her outfit.

Best Lipstick Shades

Have a night party to attend? Here are a few tips on how to choose a right lip shade:

  • If you are fair complexioned, then orange, pink and light brown shades will look good on you.
  • For the dark complexioned, choose between purple, wine and red shades while for the medium complexioned red shades with brownish tints will suit much better.
  • Not sure about the right lipstick that would suit you? Well, try out various shades at the cosmetic store.
  • It is strongly recommended not to try out these lipsticks on your lips as it could be unhygienic.
  • Apply the lipstick shades, preferably on the hands, to check out the ones that would be perfect. You could also take in the suggestion of your beautician.

Lipstick Drawing Techniques

  • For nights out, choose the darker version of the lip shade that you wear during the day. Apply a lip gloss on the lipstick for a glamorous look.
  • The shape of the lips should be considered. Use a lighter, highly glossy shade to make the lips look voluptuous. If you want the lips to appear thin and small wear a darker shade.
  • While lip color shape and size are important factors, the dress that you’ve chosen to wear for the party should also be taken into consideration. To look sophisticated, choose a lipstick that is in contrast with the dress color.
  • For ladies who tend to wear heavy eye make-up, it is suggested to opt for a lighter shade of lipstick. Similarly, lipsticks in dark hues will look good when the make-up is light.

Want to know the lipstick shade that is trending among the Hollywood hotties? Well, Emma Stone, Nicole Richie, Kate Bosworth, and Katy Perry have been sashaying on the red carpet sporting a pink lipstick, indicating that it is the hottest. The pink that we’ve spotted looks glamorously red and very appealing because of the soft finish.

Deciding on the right lipstick can be very difficult considering the spectrum of choices available. Of course, you need to take a stock on the new launches every year to make sure that you stay on top of the fashion trend.

The ultimate decision would certainly lie on the color of the lipstick and if it would go well with your complexion, dress color and eye make-up. Glamorous lipstick drawing may not be a difficult task, if you follow the fashion trends set by the divas!


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