Lip care


Chapped, dry and pigmented lips are not only hurtful and unhygienic but they are also something no woman fancies. It is something you have to deal with throughout the year, although various reasons behind its cause but it is something we wish would not have existed. It gives out the carelessness and unhealthy lifestyle that people tend to follow these days. There are many reasons behind its occurrence. It could be seasonal damage to lips, environmental pollutants damaging the lips or you yourself.


Many people tend to bite their lips when anxious or nervous about something. Some prefer to lick it most of times to moisture it instead of actually putting on a lip balm. Seasonal changes can also lead to the excessive dryness and therefore, rough and chapped lips. Due to the absence of oil glands in your lips unlike the rest of your body, there is nothing to produce oil and keep the lip naturally moisturized and care for it. So, all that can be done to prevent is through your efforts only.

One of the most heard of ways to protect your lips from drying out is to use lip balms after regular time intervals. Lip balms keeps your lips moisturized, nourished, provide soothing and give them a protective layer of coating so the pollutants are unable to damage it. However, choosing a proper lip balm is a task to be done with much carefulness. If you choose a lip way too flavoured then you will find it hard to resist licking them. It is best to go for a no flavor or natural flavoured lip balm if you tend to deal with that problem.

Lip balms can be also be chosen as per need. If you are someone who does not prefers to use lipstick or lips gloss on a regular basis and wishes to keep it formal and at the same time, does not wishes to miss out on giving your lips a pretty colour, then you should go for tinted lip balms. A wide range of those are available in your nearby market.

There are also a good range of herbal and ayurvedic lip balms available in the market if you are looking for something to provide care for your delicate lips and wanting to keep it natural.


Apart from these, avoid licking your lips. Licking them rips the lips off their whatever small amount of moisture present. It is so because the saliva tends to dry out quicker than you think and leaves your lip drier than before.

Exfoliate your lips on a regular basis so whatever dirt is accumulated on your lips will come off. This will also take off the dead skin cells on your lips. This will leave your lips cleaner and plumper. Always remember to moisturize your lips before heading to bed. So, you can wake up to pretty, pink and soothing lips.

Keep yourself hydrated by drinking lots of water. If you are hydrated from the inside, it will reflect on your moisturized and soft lips as well.


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