Latest fashion trends for the spring season


You don’t need to stop by Paris, Milan or New York in order to find spring fashion trends. Of course, you may, if you’ve the time, means and necessary resources to do so! Nevertheless, finding the best outfits for warm and welcoming spring season is an easy affair. You just need to know the basics and you’re ready to hit the roads!

Does that spark an idea? Read on to learn how to dress up for spring season.

Find all about latest spring trends in—


Fashion magazines like GQ, Vogue, Elle, Cosmopolitan, Cosmo Girl and Seventeen are great sources where you can look for trendy spring fashions.

Local retail outlets & malls:

Look for latest fashion styles at local outlets and malls in late winters. New collection usually arrives in late February or March. You can check out supermarkets and malls to look for stylish clothing, accessories and footwear.

Things to remember:

Choose the right fabric:

When shopping for your spring wardrobe, consider switching over from 100% wool to wool blends, and from silk to acrylic, linen and cotton.

Know your colour:

Spring is all about fair weather, floral prints, convivial textures and bold colours. If you happen to dislike bright colours or shy away from pastel and fluorescent shades, you can try dark hues like navy blue, burgundy, bright green and cherry red with accent colours like ivory, off-white, earthly tones and baby pink. Bright colours go well with neutral tones.

Memorize the checklist:

It doesn’t matter if you include a few classic pieces and repeat them each season, your wardrobe must have the following items—

  • 2 colour-coordinated long-sleeves tops for semi-casual/semi-formal events,
  • 3 simple tops or shirts (in solid colours) for office-wear,
  • 4 tops (2 in solid colours and 2 with prints on them),
  • 1 colour-block blouse,
  • 3 skirts– 1 long one, 1 knee-length and 1 mini-skirt (you can go with solid colours as well as checks, prints and textures),
  • 2 pair of formal pants, 1 Capri pants, 1 Khaki pants,
  • 2 cardigans (1 multicoloured piece and 1 monochrome one),
  • 1 jacket/blazer,
  • 2-3 dresses.
how to dress up for spring season

Dress up for spring season

Set your budget:

You needn’t go out of your way to spend a lot on the aforementioned items. Buy a few items that are a staple to all seasons. You can renovate your older outfits to make them appealing for the spring or wait for end-of-season sale.

How to dress up for spring:

Start shopping for your spring wardrobe with a silk knit twinset. They come in double shades and fine prints. Pair it up with a light acrylic shrug or a shawl for a casual trip.

Get a crisp white-collared cotton shirt. It goes with slacks, khakis, jeans and tailored pants. Next, you can shop for tops that have girly details like ruffles, borders and appliqued flowers. You may also buy cotton tank tops, one-shoulder tops and half-sleeved Tees in vibrant shades. Mix and match your tank tops with cardigans.

Dresses are fabulous, fun, flirtatious and flattering. They’re versatile because you can wear them to offices, malls and after-work date nights. They’re easy to take care of and make every women feel bold, sexy and feminine.

Try different styles to find a perfect dress which fits your body contours. Wrap dresses, midis and empire-waist dresses are hot! Wrap dresses complement pear-shaped body type whereas empire-waist dresses highlight lengthy and petite figures. Try a sheath dress with short slip inside for a romantic evening.

Feel the ascent of spring in your blood and get a spring suit in neutral shades. Opt for beige, cream, taupe, blue, tangerine or scarlet colours. They work for all types of settings, from corporate dinners to cocktail parties and school meetings. You can get a basic 2-piece business suit in black for offices. Pair it up with cotton/linen-blend, sleeveless jackets and black heels.

Dark stretch cotton pants, Capri pants and khakis add versatility to your wardrobe. Throw in knee-length pencil skirt for offices, long multicoloured cotton skirt for outdoor trips and tiered skirts in shimmery fabrics for wild pub nights.

Pull together any outfit with pastel cardigan, jackets and sharp blazers. Go for elbow-length sleeves or three-quarter sleeves and pale shades like coral, teal, light yellow and grey.

Accessorize your wardrobe with straw hats (adorned with springtime flowers, big bows and lace), a pair of sunglasses, scarves, printed stocks, slacks, net stockings, colourful clutches/wallets, jute bags, strappy sandals, bright flats, peep-toes and wedge heels.

All-time classy looks:

Denims are never out! It doesn’t matter what shade you choose, you can always try denim clothing as long as it is in the form of jeans, shorts, shrugs, jackets and micro-minis. Dress up like a Bohemian chick! Try long, free-flowing floral dresses, colorful tunics, peasant tops, wide-bottomed pants, wide skirts, chandelier earrings, big rings, plenty of colorful bangles and nature-inspired bags.

A few ubiquitous professional pieces like button-down shirts, A-line dresses, tuxedos, tailored business suits and the little black dress have acquired universal acceptance. You can wear them anytime.

Important tips:

Consider your age, body type and comfort level when choosing your outfits.

Don’t wear all the new clothes at ones. Choose one or two fashion trends and mix them with neutral pieces to look fashion-forward.

Consult a local fashion expert or check out online blogs to find unique ideas on how to dress up for spring.


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