Know your face and find the right sunglasses for it!


Square face

If your jaw is prominent, your forehead is broad and your cheekbones are wide then you have a square face. In order to have sunglasses look great on you then you need to get frames that fit higher on to your face, this helps you have your jaw line balanced. Square frames will only have your square face exaggerated.  On the other hand frames that are oval, round or vintage cat eye will compliment it and make it more balanced.


Round face

A round face tends to have both its width and length equal. The right frame for such a face is one that will help balance your face and counteract its fullness. Square, retro-style and rectangle shaped sunglasses will fit perfect on your face. If you lack and outstanding nose bridge and cheeks that are full then get frames that have a nose pad.

Oval face

 Does your face have high cheekbones and a chin that is narrow? Well if that is so then you have an oval shaped face. This type of face is considered to be perfectly balanced and the good thing is any frame of sunglasses can suit you. All you need is for the frame to fit you well and you will look great. You can try oversized rounds, cat eye or even square glasses.

Long face

A long face has its length longer than its width with consistent narrowness from top to chin. Its edges are round, cheekbones are high, forehead is raised and the jaw line is strong. Sunglasses that have a frame that is wide or wrap round help give an illusion that your face is short and wide.


A face that is heart shaped is made of a forehead that is wide, narrow jaw line and high cheekbones. When getting sunglasses for a heart shaped face it’s good to get a frame that have a wide or round bottom since they help balance the face. If you can also go for rimless frames as they will highlight the cheekbones. Heart shaped frame will just exaggerate the shape of your face so stay clear of them.

With all that you can now shop for sunglasses and wear them with confidence!

Tips on how to know the shape of your face

If you are having problems telling what shape your face is, here are a few that you can follow to will help:

  • Using a hair band, pull back your hair and tie it.
  • Stand in front of a mirror
  • Get lipstick that you don’t fancy a lot and use it to draw your face’s outline on the mirror.
  • Now you can look at the sketch you have drawn and see what shape it looks like.


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