Kinds of Tops for Girls


Girls have a varied options to put on their back when out for some event.  For them it is essential to look up to the mark. No, not to lure boys but to make other girls jealous of them! Tops can be teamed with skirts, leggings, jeans etc. The kind of top you pick changes your entire look from either casual to party.  Tops are usually till waist line. They sometimes can be long and sometimes short!


Singlets and Camisoles

They are kind of inner wear. More like a spaghetti. They aren’t worn without a t-shirt over it or a shrug around it. Many transparent tops need to have a good inner to have a complete look. A singlet would serve such a need. Also one can wear only a singlet with apt inners in order to avoid a showcase of bad shape over a pair of denim shorts to give a summery look.



T-shirts are a very basic kind of top that a girl has. They can be either full sleeves or half sleeves. Tucking them in your jeans and wearing them with shoes gives a good sport look. You can also fold your half sleeves t-shirt and have a good look. T-shirt comes in basic colours. They also have various kinds of graphics, motifs, pattern, logos etc. on them.


Polo Shirt

Polo t-shirts are a kind of t-shirt with a formal collar and three buttons. They can be used a semi-formal wear. They look chic when teamed up with well witted one colour jeans or pants, with a good handbag, stilletos and puff and a red pout. They are comfortable, simple and yet chic.





 They can be termed cutest of the lot. They are made up of soft cotton material. They can have a few content of wool too to make it warmer and having the name some justice. They are durable. These sweatshirts are either just a plain top or have a pocket in the front and a hood at the back or have zippers. You can wear a singlet beneath if you don’t wish to wear a proper top. You can give a sport look by wearing well fitted pants and shoes. You can give a cool look by teaming them up with leggings and flats.



Tunics are long tops available for women. They give more feminine look than most of the tops because it is long. Also they can be worn as formals too depending on the type of tunic top it is. It can be as long as to wear it like a one piece too where in you may ditch your leggings.

This way, for girls there are various options to wear on various occasions. They can even mix-match the tops with various kinds of bottoms. Also, they can revive their old clothes in various ways. They can change the look by wearing something over it or making it sleeveless or anything like that. Its all the creativity that follows.


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