How to Use Hair Serum Perfectly


About the Hair Serum

Hair serum is the new term to the people. But it’s the old and common term in the trichology. The hair serum is the form of liquid. Hair serums are made up of silicon based silicon based content, amino acids and ceramides. This silicon content just acts as the mask or plastic wrap on the hair scalp. These hair serums are used for frizzy and curly hair. Hair serum keeps the hair scalp dry and prevents the dandruff and fungal infections to scalp. There are many types of hair serums are available in market. But organic hair serums and silicon based hair serums are popular in all of them. This hair combating the frizzy and curly hair and prevent the hair loss in the hair styling.


Advantages of hair serum

Hair serum is one of the big solutions for frizzy, rough and dry hair. By using the hair serum you hair becomes silky, smooth and manageable. Do you what hair serum contains? It contains silicon which coats the hair and makes you hair look shinier. Hair is being protected from hot sunlight, pollution and humidity. By applying the hair serum gives your hair a healthy appearance. Let’s see some of the advantages of using hair serum.


Hair serum protects the hair from damaging factors like pollution, dust, styling tools and humidity. This acts as a shield to the hair and prevents the dryness.


Hair serum acts as a good conditioner for hair. Oils will make the hair greasy and stick to scalp in those conditions it’s better to use serums. These serums will control the rough hair and frizzy hairs.


Give your hair a lustrous appearance with hair serums. Hair serums give life to damage and dull hair by removing tangles. It can give your hair a healthy sheen.

UV protection

Some hair serums are having UV protection formula. Exposing of the hair in sun constantly will damage your hair so this hair serum can protect the hair from sun damage.

Styling tools

Continuous using of heating irons and curling tools will cause damage to hair. Hair serums are better used for styling your hair by avoiding harmful side effects to hair. Just use the hair serums before using styling tools, this prevents the hair from being over heated. After applying the serum you can either choose to dry it normally in natural air or you can use hair dryer for quick drying.

How to use hair serum?

There is a technique for applying hair serum. There are some simple steps to follow by hair serum.

  • Wash the hair with a mild shampoo.
  • Take a small amount of hair serum on hand and apply to hair.
  • Do remember not to rub the hair serum on scalp.
  • Let it dry for some time and comb your hair.

Tips to use the Hair serum

  • Use the hair serums when doctor prescribed them. Do not use them without any consultation.
  • Do not use the fingertips to apply the hair serum and spread the hair serum. Use the dedicated paddle brushes to spread the hair serum throughout the scalp.
  • Keep in mind hair serums are made with silicon based content. For long use of this hair serum may affect your brain health.
  • Hair serums used to make the hair dry. But in some cases hair is excessive dry this is not a good sign. If happened like that consult the doctor immediately.
  • When you use the hair serum take the proper diet, it will give the best results of the hair serum and you get the desired results with serum.
  • Hair serum should not apply directly on scalp. If it is applies to scalp means it would be difficult to style your hair because the hair become too oily.
  • Always you need to apply hair serums on wet hair only.
  • Use only small amount of hair serum especially anti fizz serums.
  • Make use the organic shampoos while you were using the hair serum. If you use the chemical shampoo the hair serum contents and shampoo contents may take and participate in the reaction leads to adverse effects.


Factors to keep in mind while using hair serum

  • Before selecting the hair serum consult a good expert before choosing.
  • Don’t use your finger tips for spreading the serum. Use paddle brush for spreading evenly through the hair.
  • If you found the excessive dryness the day after using serum then better stop using immediately. Stylists claims that it will not suitable for some hair types.
  • Eating of the better food may give shiny hair. Follow the proper diet drink more water and sleep for eight hours a day.
  • Use mild shampoos and conditioners to hair. Avoid any chemical related shampoos.
  • Use the hair serum to treat the frizzy and curly hair and make your hair scalp dry.

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