How to take off your make up


Hiya lovelies! I have always mentioned in my previous articles, just how important it is to take off your make up. But just taking it off is not everything. How you take your make up off also affects your skin. Every other person seems to have their own unique techniques and methods of taking off their make up and they have been working out for them just fine all these years. But if you don’t have any or even if you do, it is always for the best to read about new things. It will only always benefit you in some way. So let’s get into some of the tips on how you should you take off your make up correctly.


  1. It is important to always take off your make up before heading to bed. Many a times, we are so exhausted that it hurts to even move a bone and get the thing done. But, if you are one of those who have disciplined themselves into making this a mandatory routine to take your make up off every night then, kudos to you my friend. Sometimes, we go for a no make up look and apply the most minimal make up for the day time. By night, we convince ourselves that we can go on without taking it off and well, we only used a tiny bit that won’t affect much. But, the thing is it does. Even if you have put on just some concealer, one coat of mascara and a nude lipstick, you still need to take it off. It is so your skin pores are able to breathe at night, heal and repair the cells so as to help you get a cleaner and brighter face.
  2. Whilst taking off the rigid and dried off coats of mascara, try to be slow. By being slow, I don’t mean for you to go for the turtle pace, but what I mean is to be gentle with it. Don’t try to fight and end up taking off your eye lashes along with mascara. Just be gentle and smooth and take your time.
  3. When you use wipes, be it baby wipes or just normal make up wipes, don’t just stop there. Wipes are just a support who help in taking off your make up whilst keeping your skin irritation free. But after their usage, you still should cleanse your skin with either a face wash or cleanser. So as to be sure that all the make is off your skin.
  4. I don’t know about you but I used to leave my lipstick on thinking that it was almost off my lips. But even if you think your lipstick is off, still wipe it off with a wipe or cotton ball so to be sure that there is not even a little bit of lipstick left on your skin to block the pores of your skin and keep it from the repair process overnight.

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