How to take care of your make up


If you still have the lipstick you bought three years ago, chuck it! Unless you’re keeping it for an upcoming science fair or sentimental reason, the lipstick has got to go. Unlike food, makeup and skincare products don’t have an expiration date. That doesn’t mean your concealer can last you until you’re well into your forties; the FDA just doesn’t have any guidelines for makeup care.

  • First, organize your makeup bag. Anything that is dried-out or smells funny should be thrown out. Sometimes it’s hard to tell if it smells funky because makeup sometimes smells strange to begin with. Use common sense when it comes to makeup care: if it smells funny to you and you can’t remember how long ago you bought it, put it in the trash.


  • Anything that has a broken case or missing cap can still be salvaged if you use it often. Here’s a makeup care tip: products with missing caps, like eyeliner, can be put in sandwich bags. If your foundation bottle is cracked, buy a new bottle.

  • Products that look fine, but you don’t use often should be chucked. The same goes for outdated looks. Test out your foundations. If you put a shade on your face and you can see it, it’s the wrong shade and should be thrown out. No one really needs fifteen tubes of lip gloss and lipstick, so pick two, one for during the day and one for night.
  • When it comes to makeup care, clean all of your brushes and applicators. Keeping applicators and brushes clean will keep your makeup fresh. With warm water and a tiny bit of shampoo, lather ’em up. Rinse thoroughly and make sure they’re completely dry before you use them.
  • Products that make contact with your eyes tend to have a short lifetime. Eye shadows and liners can last from six months to a year. If you ever get an infection like conjunctivitis, or pinkeye, throw out any eye makeup that you used. The bacteria is still on the makeup, and you’ll get infection after infection. Mascara can last three months. Not only does bacteria build up on the wand, but it dries out quickly.
  • Foundation, moisturizer, and lipstick can last from a year to a year and a half. Powder and blush can last up to two years
  • When you’re having a makeover with your friends, always use clean applicators and brushes. Good makeup care includes not dipping your dirty brush into your friend’s eye shadow; you’re just asking for bacteria! For eye shadow and lipstick, you can use a cotton swab and then throw it away. You can even buy disposable mascara wands at the drugstore.


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