How to Tackle Dandruff?


Dandruffs are equivalent to embarrassment. You help them but give them place in your hair sometimes. You are helpless. They are caused due to air pollution, dryness of the skin etc. Stress is also now a major factor which is causing dandruff. Also, scratching your head leads to dandruff.  Here are a few ways to get rid of dandruff.


Apple Cider Vinegar –If you take some apple cider vinegar and mix it with water and rinse that solution in your hair then that would help you to clear the dandruff of your head too. Also, if you have hair loss, you shall observe that there is a decreased ratio for the same.  Apple Cider vinegar helps you to get rid of dead skin on your head which is all what dandruff is mainly made up of.  So, you must mix the solution well and allow it to be for 30 minutes on your head wrapped in a towel and before you shampoo your hair.

Yogurt – This works like magic. It has good amount of protein and Vitamin B5. It is good for your hair because it has proteins and proteins are good for your hair. It can improve the hair density.  The anti-bacterial properties of yoghurt, helps to decrees the itchiness or the factors causing in itchiness i9 your hair, less.  It is recommended to massage your hair and scalp with yoghurt. Leave it for an hour and cover it with a shower cap. Later, rinse it off with mild shampoo.

Lemon – They have the qualities to keep your head and hair clean also makes them smell fresh.  This is mainly because lemons contain healing properties that stops fungal activities which causes dandruffs.  Before taking a hair bath, squeeze two lemons in your hair and massage the juice gently. Leave it for 10 minutes and then wash your hair off.

Peanut Oil – If nothing works well on your hair then peanut oil is your last resort in a way which surely will help you. It has the fine ability to make your scalp free from itchiness. It also gives good nourishment to your hair and also thickens your hair. Massaging your scalp with this oil and leaving it at least for a night and washing your hair the next morning is the ideal way.  If you have given up on your hair because nothing seems to work for you, peanut oil is definitely worth a shot. Amongst its myriad of health benefits, peanut oil also keeps those itchy flakes at bay due to its antiseptic properties. In addition, it nourishes, thickens and revives damaged locks. You can use the oil independently or in combination with lemon juice and tea tree oil, to massage into your scalp. Leave-on overnight and wash your hair with a gentle shampoo the next morning.


Neem Leaves –Neem benefits various things in different walks of life! Dandruff is one of them. It also has those anti-fungal properties which releases your head from irritation. You can take     a handful amount of neem and soak them overnight I water. The next day, wash your hair off with the same water and experience the difference in your hair.

Regular oiling and regular washing are a must for good hair quality which in turn also helps to reduce dandruff to a good extent.

Tackle it, smartly!


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