How to rock the look in shorts


The most funky and loved outfit piece is shorts. For summers they come in different fabrics, styles, prints and colours. It is one of the must have it in wardrobe. This is for those who want it to be cool, casual yet sexy. Although it is one of most versatile outfit piece to wear but it looks best when teamed up according to the body type.  Every woman should know what best to pull off shorts suitable for their figure and silhouette. For pairing the top the only rule is to wear something which will balance the look.


For the straight body type

For the straight body type who have the less curvy body have a square body type. They must look for the shorts that will add curves to their bottoms. Balloon or bubbled shorts will work best for this body type. Shorts with belt, front pocket, knot, pleats will add volume and some curve to the lower part of the body. Shorts with prints or textures as well as high waist also work well in creating illusion of curves while high waist will create a great waist.

For that blessed hourglass body shape

Hourglass body shape is the one of most blessed people to wear anything they want to. With balanced hips and bust they have a beautifully defined waist. They can also choose from a variety of bottoms settled on their mid waist, high waist or low waist. A-line shorts will make your legs appear longer and leaner.

For the pear body shape

Pear body shape has bigger size on bottom, bigger buttock, wider hips and fuller thighs. Shorts with high waist will suit, hiding the thigh area. It will highlight the narrowest part of the body and will that hour glass shape. As your thighs are really thick, draw that attention away from the lower part of the body. Remember don’t pick shorts of very short length and avoid shorts with pockets or other big and busy accessories such as knots, ribbons, pleats etc. The bigger your thighs are the simpler your shorts should be.

For the apple body shape

Apple body shape need to focus on their legs rather than mid section. A pair of short shorts can show off great legs and this minimise their waist. They can also go for high waist cuts. Anything cut low at the waist will create a muffin top and will draw attention to your middle. High waist shorts back pocket shorts and belted shorts are the best for this body type. Cotton cargo shorts are ideal.


For the oval body shape

Oval body shape is opposite to straight body type. They should look out for shorts with minimum embellishments. They have a larger bust and a full midsection; they should look for shorts that will minimize their lower half. The shorts with generous fit of any length will work for them. Remember oversized or baggy clothing will add to your frame, so stick with a tailored clean short. Tops with nipped or belted waists flare at the hip or vertical details such as v neck necks or layers will be good options.

We hope these will tell you the best shorts for your body type to carry them comfortably and confidently.


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