How to make mornings more energetic


We all know the struggle to wake up as our scheduled alarm clock time. But not many of us do it. We tend to press snooze over and over again until it is way too late to even make it to our office and college on time. So, here we are again, just like yesterday, rushing everything up, not eating breakfast and practically sprinting on our way. That not only ruins the beautiful mornings but also makes your whole day lazed out and tiresome. You see a couch, you sit on it just thinking that you will be relax for 5 minutes, but dear God the struggle to get up from it is unreal after those 5 minutes pass. You just want to lie down and sleep convincing yourself that you can skip the rest of the day. But what if I told you that if you start your days in a bit different way then, you can make it through the day just fine..? Surprising, isn’t it? So, let’s see how you can modify your morning routine.

The very first step is to stop pressing snooze button. Yes, stop that. As soon as your alarm clock goes off, open your eyes and get out of bed after a stretch. Stretching often helps in waking your body up. And if you tend to fall asleep even after your natural wakeup call then, you will disturb the hormones and it will be harder for you to wake up as fresh as you could have before. Another tip that helps in waking you up is the natural light of the day. Keeping my curtains open has been helping me wake up easier and more refreshed since past 3 years. If you let the morning light and air in, then that is not only healthier for you but also helps in waking you up.


Instead of rushing, if you wake up early, you can squeeze in time for a quick morning meditation to start your day with energy and more refreshment. Meditation, yoga or a simple quick workout will help not only in waking you up but also in keeping you fit and healthy. If you don’t wish to indulge in all of these, then you can also go for a quick morning walk. The morning air and light has been proved to be really healthy for your body. Don’t go for a vigorous work out or you will end up tiring yourself up. The key is to keep is light and simple.

Since, you are not rushing anymore you have time to eat your breakfast. Breakfast is considered as the most important meal of the day because it not only provides you energy and healthy nutrients but it also helps in keeping you focused and fresh throughout the day. People who take proper breakfast have been seen as healthier and fit than those who choose to skip it. The key is to eat light for keeping yourself fit. And who would want to skip that opportunity?


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