How to dress while going for a party


Every second day we feel that we don’t have clothes and that we need to shop, although we have whole lot of cupboard that is filled with variety of clothes. We feel that we don’t have and especially when someone else goes for shopping, even we get dragged by the same greed. Clothing is something that not only women but also the men at times do feel that they don’t have as much as they require. Mostly it is very common with the girls and as said earlier, it is often as well.


And when the question of outing or party comes in, people would at times drop out simply because they don’t have clothes to wear out for that occasion or the party or the outing. There is a fear in all of us that we would not be accepted simply if we don’t dress like others or that we don’t have the ones that walk with the trend. But the fact is, wearing something is better than nothing and rather sitting back at home wondering what the other people might be doing.

Party or outing doesn’t call for the jazzy clothes; it is we the people who have made it in our minds those parties should have jazzy and sexy clothes only. The trend is changing and that people are accepting that change. Everyone and anyone can walk in with whatever that they wish to wear or are comfortable with. You can also wear a t-shirt and a pair of jeans to a party. The only change that you need to bring in is in the way that you are carrying it. Tie the ends of the t-shirt in a knot or team it up with a jacket and rugged jeans or simply wear some good accessories that would complement the attire and you are good enough for the party.


What matters is the way you are carrying yourself and not what you wear. You might be wearing a dress from Manish Malhotra but if you don’t know the way of carrying it, the look goes in vain and there is no use of buying such an expensive and exclusive dress. The latent trends calls for the most of the accessories and the heels and the makeup that you carry. Jump into any of the attire that you feel like, team it up with the best pair of heels or shoes that you have, crispy eye liner that would give a perfect definition to your eyes, a dark lip color and those pair of earrings or a neck piece and you are ready to jump to the venue.

All that matters is the confidence and the smile over your face. Walk with you head held high and see everyone as if it doesn’t matter to you with the way that they look down to you. A bad day or the bad dress doesn’t define you and rather you should not even be disappointed by the same. Be comfortable in what you wear and you will automatically be happy.


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