How to Cover Skin Flaws with Makeup


Pimples, markings, and unidentifiable blemishes are obstacles that are keeping you from having beautiful, clear skin. Learn how to hide them lightly, without causing any more damage to what already is.

  1. Use a soft sponge to apply your foundation. Start at the nose then sweep outwards. Make sure you don’t have any foundation lines on your jaw line- always blend your foundation into neck for a more natural look.
  1. Dab on some loose powder on your chin, forehead and the bridge of your nose to de-shine and also to set your foundation in place so you won’t have to reapply it in a couple of hours.

  1. Use a powder blush with a wide brush – as this won’t clog your pores, apply on the apples of your cheeks to redefine your cheek bones, make sure your blush is a light color as with a light pink – for a natural effect. Or you can opt for a light layer of bronzer.
  2. Carry around blotting sheets in your bag for instant de-shine with no mess- the body shop has a tea tree range with blotting sheets which are cheap- but also very effective.
  3. Work out what skin type you have and buy products accordingly.
  4. Always apply your concealer after your foundation. Do not rub your concealer on- as you will be rubbing it off- always dab your concealer to blend.
  5. It’s worth splashing out on a good foundation- as a good foundation won’t clog your pores and it likely last longer. Dior has a good range of foundations that won’t clog your pores and look more natural- as the tones are softer.
  6. Toners are a good idea to evoke in your daily skin care routine, as a toner will reduce the appearance of shiny skin and will erase any dirt or makeup that may still be on your skin after cleansing, always use your toner before you put moisturizer on. When choosing your skin care products try to make sure they’re the same brand- as if you have multiple brands of skin care products you can scar your skin! So it’s wise to choose skin care from the same brand. Natio is a good option for skincare if you want a cheap but affective product.
  7. Use a shine spray for your hair (though don’t overdo it, a little goes a long way). Top your hair with dry shampoo throughout the week to avoid oily hair. A mouse is ideal when blow drying your hair as it creates a thickness to your hair as different from other hair care products. Blow drying your hair once a week will do wonders, also don’t be tough when drying your hair (use a wide tooth comb when untangling the knots when your hair is wet, also brush your hair before you wash it, and blow-dry your hair on cool- as it gives you more of a natural shine) – you can really damage your hair by being rough- the same goes for your skin- don’t be rough or it will get worse.
  8. if you have lines under your eyes (which most people do) it is always a good idea to try an eye cream as with a vitamin e cream- it’s super antioxidant. Note- you should always apply eye cream during the day- not at night or when you sleep as you won’t get the results you want- you’d get the opposite. Though even using an eye cream you’d still need to drink plenty of water for the cream to be effective. Water is also proven to prevent blemishes and to losing weight. If you have pimples then I suggest drinking plenty of water and staying away from un-natural sugars. If you want to lose weight then try detoxing juices like watermelon.

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