How to Carry Bold Colors Boldly


There was a time when bright colours where considered appropriate only for young women. Middle aged women were expected to keep it subdued by wearing pastels. But all that has changed in the past few years. With colour blocking and neon colours being in vogue, bold colours are now in everybody’s wardrobe. Here are some quick tips to help you wear bold colours the right way, without looking too attention-seeking.

  1. Balance It Out

Of course the best way to wear bold colours without it being too much is to balance it out with neutrals. Whites, greys and beige work so well with bright colours. Once you know how to wear your bright colours with neutrals, you’ll never have to worry about going overboard with bold colours.


  1. Pair it With Denim

For some reason, bright colours and denims work so well together. The denim helps to offset the bright colour and makes the look more appealing. Here are two instances where neon colors were paired with denim for amazing results.

  1. Colour Block

Colour blocking is a great way to wear bold colours. You can try out super crazy combinations on the weekends and then limit yourself to more acceptable colour combinations during the work week.

  1. Use the Colour Wheel for Guidance

Pick out shades from the colour wheel. If you’re wearing lavender top then look at the darkest colour in that section of the colour wheel, which would be a deep purple. Similarly, if you’re opting for a pair of pink trousers, then a maroon top would be the perfect match for it.

  1. Let it Pop

One of the best ways to wear bright colours is to limit it to one item. Allow the bright colour to pop and be the focus of your outfit. Less is more can work wonderfully well when dealing with bold colours?

  1. Use Black to Provide Relief

If you ever feel the bold colour is too much and want to tone it down then black is the way to go. There’s a reason black is such a favorite when it comes to clothes. It goes well with pretty much every other colour and can be used strategically to make your outfit work better. While working with bold colours, use a black jacket, scarf or some such item to provide some relief and tone it down a bit.

  1. Take Baby Steps

If you are used to wearing pastels and are a little unsure when it comes to bold colours, then you should start by taking baby steps. Venture into the world of colour by trying out bright coloured accessories. From shoes to jewelry to bags, you can try out bold coloured accessories with your pastel clothing and then see if you like it and want to take the next step toward bright coloured clothing.

  1. You should keep in mind that bold makeup can be a little too overwhelming when paired with bright coloured clothing. So try to keep your makeup minimal and neutral as much as possible.

Bold colours are a lot of fun to experiment with. So stop hiding behind safe colours and get your hands on some bright, shocking, bold colours.


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