Hottest Hairstyles for 2014


Fashion is a result of one’s culture. Despite the differences, it has always been the reference for many people throughout the world. Today, people do not usually follow their culture’s hairstyle. As you can see, many people prefer the hair styles of other culture and vice versa. The point is to have the hottest hairstyle for this year. Having a right hairstyle can make a huge difference to your appearance.

Goodbye 2012, Hello 2014!

Leaving the year 2012 behind is quite regretful, but seeing the trends for 2014 in a lighter hair shade is highly encouraged. Every New Year needs a fresh start. To do this, you need to change the way you look. Changing it will help you boost your self esteem. Some people change their hairstyle due to depression. Determining the hottest hairstyles for 2014 not only help you the trendiest cut but also help you to choose the best one that suits for you.

Top Tips

When you choose the right hairstyle, consider your facial features. Both of which should accentuate and must hide the imperfections you have. Face shape is the most important factor among facial features. If you have a round face, consider a long hair to conceal its width. If you have elongated face, short hair cut is the best one for you since it presents a wider face appearance. It is also very important to choose a hair style that suits your hair texture and if possible, your hair color.

The Hottest Hairstyles Revealed

If long hair is your thing last year, the best year to go is to change your appearance totally. Challenge yourself with that edgier and sexier look. This will definitely bring out the furious character in you. Short hair, really is very popular in the year 2014. Too many celebrities have already adopted this hair style. A short hair like Rihanna gives an ultimate impression to people. While that Miley Cyrus bob cut look, can bring out the rock star in you. If you want to demur style, try that simple bob cut that works all the time. These haircuts range from sexy, sassy to fun look, and would surely bring out the best in you.

If you are not comfortable about having a short sexy hair, then consider merging your style with long bangs. Lots of celebrities sweep their bangs to either side of their face to have an exceptional stylish look. A variety of bangs styles are also going to be trendy in the year 2014. They can also be worn with short or long hair with grand effect. As a matter of fact, this will be a simple way to change your appearance without changing your hair length drastically.

Kate Middleton’s Farrah flick hair style is one of the hottest trends in the year 2014. This style is ideal for people with long and thick locks. It has an edge and long layers in the middle part. It is also an ultimate feminine style. The problem is the need of great maintenance. This hair style is absolutely not perfect for people whose hair is not healthy and thick.

Expert’s Points to Note

Make sure to get your hair done with a good hairdresser. If not, you will end up being disappointed. Improving your hair styles as well as maintaining it is costly. When you choose the best hair style for you but are still confused, you can browse online magazines to look for a female that has the same features as you. You also need to give considerations if you are comfortable with your hair. Most of all, keep in mind to make smart decisions. When you feel like the hair styles you come across does not suit you, give it a break. There are thousands of latest the hair styles for the year 2014 you can choose from, so sticking to only one is not your only option.

The hottest hair styles for 2014 is an edgier and sexier new you. There are varieties of them, so the above mentioned expert’s advice will help you guide the trendiest ways. Whatever the chosen hair style, whether it’s a short or a long one, when it fits your hair texture, facial features and hair type, there’s a hair style for 2103 that will surely suites you!


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    Hairstyles shows how you express yourself. The hottest style 2013 here is a collection. Whatever the chosen hair style, whether it’s a short or a long one, when it fits your hair texture, facial features and hair type, there’s a hair style for 2103 that will surely suites you!

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