Hot lifestyle tips for summer season


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Summer LifestyleComing on to the article topic the hot summer days have begun in the country and every woman out there is looking for ideas of dressing which is cool and fashionable as well as healthy and comfortable.

I did a small research few months back and have got some really astonishing answers for fashion but will tell this is a different post. Here I only want to recall one point that for a comfort and fashion related question most of the choices were given to  comfort  and the baseline is “comfortable is fashionable”. Indian women today are working, establishing her on every role and a comfortable outfit is becoming the prime necessity. Even if I see a lady in a tight heavy dress it never looks fashionable and cool to me.

So be sure to by dresses which are comfortable fashionable. Give due important to the fabric being used. Sometimes the outfit looks shinning and comfortable from outside but the fabric inside and stitching may not be that comfortable.

Another important issue which women usually face is with the shape and size and we do multiple corrections to makes the outfit look good but in those exercises the whole outfit really becomes difficult to wear because of multiple stitches and correction, so rather making the dress fit to your size it is wise to keep you in shape all the year.

If you are a working women and has to go to multiple meetings choose little loose clothing and which are sweat resistant. Some goes with your shoes/sandals.

Your hairs also need attention the whole season. You need to leave then loose enough to reduce sweat which can damage your hair also cover it every time you are out in sunlight. People do take care of skin but forget their hair which is not right. Makeup in summers should be light and waterproof you need to ensure no sweat from the face. Sometimes when you enter from a warm environment to an air conditioned place the whole face really becomes dull if there is sweat.

Beware of fat, which should be consumed in moderation, vitamins instead are valuable and should be consumed in abundance, eating fruits and vegetables at least once or twice a day. Drink plenty of water and significantly reduce the consumption of alcohol.

Use a gentle shampoo and not aggressive oil-based functional ingredients that contain sebum regulating action. The hair should be washed frequently and decisively, (once or twice a day in the summer season). And ‘necessary to apply the product and massage firmly, keeping the shampoo a minute or two in the head and rinse the hair accurately. You can make two passes, the first scratching by rinsing thoroughly and immediately, the second shampooing and leave on for 3-4 minutes and then rinse.

Favour the lighter version of the foundation, and cream coloured. We can alternatively create a cream coloured DIY, mixing a little of our favourite foundation with a moisturizer. Who has a combination or oily skin can use a foundation mineral very light and opaque enough. The important thing in the summer is to choose a foundation with sunscreen as base makeup is the only shield our skin against UVA rays.

The ideal trick is to keep you away from warm areas and keep the outfit light and comfortable carry small bags and never forget your makeup touch up items.


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