Homemade remedies for that so called ‘Perfect’ texture of the skin!


All of us, all these years have only urged for that best part of the others that they have. Be it the skin, the hair, nature, the personality or the external beauty that others have but we could not. We always prayed to have that perfect kind of the skin texture and that smooth and silky, long and straight hair but unfortunately, they were in the box of only a few ones. Not only women, but the men also wish for the same at the time when they feel that they need that special touch of having a perfect personality and the looks such that they can impress the best of the girls.

With time and advancement and that people are moving forward, there is one thing that is being re evolved from our very past and that is it beneficial for our future. The very known or the unknown in some cases practices or the ‘nuskes’ for that perfect skin and hair. The natural therapy is being accepted at different corners of the world and that people are now running towards the natural and the herbal products, the organic ones that do not harm their body systems and give them pure and better results.


The honey is preferred over sugar and that the Aloe Vera products are preferred over the other chemical filled ones. Though the advancement and the modernization are shaping in, the traditional practices are back in action. The application of the fruit pulps and that the natural therapies are being conducted in order to let the skin glow. A mixture of iced yogurt, sugar and orange halves works the best as the face pack. Rub them over your skin, let them be dried for few minutes and rinse them and see the difference by yourself. The Aloe Vera fruit pulp is being applied to the skin as well as the scalp to have smooth texture of the skin as well as the hair.

The products are getting natural and that the usage of the natural ingredients in various products is preferred more than the others. The soaps and the face washes are being replaced by the home made fruit packs or the natural ‘Chane ke data’, cream, or simply honey. The honey is being applied over the face and then being rinsed for a glowing skin and better quality for the long run. The sandalwood powder is being used as another form of face pack which not only gives a cooling effect but also protects your skin from the acne.

The lemon, warm water, and the honey mixture are being preferred in the mornings which detoxifies your skin and gives a glow to it. The same work is being done by the green tea as well which is getting popular in the recent times. The detoxification of the body system allows the body waste to be removed from the body, cleans and rinses the inner portions of the body and thereby giving you the natural glow.

Today’s generation as well that of our grandparents are never short of the homemade remedies that one could have a better and glowing skin. All you need to do is, pick one, stick to it for a longer period of time and there you have the results in the next year, same time. The continuity and the regularity are the only way of the solution that you are looking for. Make the best of what is served on the platter and enjoy the results.


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