Holi Colors, Songs and Skincare


Lot of women out there will try not to play Holi because of colours, but do you know that being beautiful requires happiness and joy and festival season is for the same. So get out of the home and go colourful. I will guide you on how to take care of your face and skin in the Holi season without loosing the joy and harmony everywhere.

Holi Skin CareFor Holi, the preparation begins in advance, and so goes for your skin. Below are few simple steps you should keep in mind before playing Holi.

Skin Care

The number one thumb rule is moisturizer; colours make your skin go dry in minutes, so it is advised that you start moisturising your skin 2-3 days before or at least the night before Holi. It is always a good idea to put a good layer of moisturizer on the skin before you go out.

Cotton fabric is always advised for playing Holi, not only it keeps you comparable, but it also soaks most of the colours thrown on you. It also dries faster if you are playing with water colors.

Do not forget to apply a good layer of lip-guard, lips go dry easy and lip guard really save them from colors. Colours really affect badly on lips, so it becomes very important for you to take care of lips while playing Holi.

Putting hair oil is also important, apart from this you can also cover your hair or do a styling such that minimum amount of hairs are affected by colours.

Another portion which people normally miss is taking care of nails. Putting nice nail paint saves your nails a lot. Also trim your nails so that you do not scratch someoneJ.

Lot of people will advise to use different soaps, and homemade remedies to remove colours, but I will simply advise you not to try hard to get rid of those colours. Reason is while trying to remove colours you damage it to the next extent by scratching and rubbing, this may let you get rid of some color but can damage your skin for a longer period. Holi colors get off in 1-2 showers if you are really not exposed to chemicals or bad colours.

Do regular care of your skin post Holi; moisturiser is your friendly solution for Holi and even the dry season in the country.

So get out this year with your friends and family and enjoy the fun and colourful life. It makes you beautiful and that’s what you should care for.


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