Here’s what you shouldn’t do with Make Up


Hiya lovelies! All of us use make up in our everyday lives and have been using it since many years. But you will be surprised to know how many mistakes you have been making with putting on your make up. These mistakes not only lead to the wastage of the products you use but might also affect your skin. So, without any further delay let’s dive right into the tips you might start wanting to use the next time you put on your make up.


  1. Now, you might think that this one is pretty basic and of common knowledge but there are many women who don’t take off their make up before heading to bed. Let me give you reasons, why you might want to start doing that from now on. If you don’t take off your make up before catching your Zzz’s, it might lead to the blocking of your skin pores, causing an obstruction in the repair and healing of your skin. This can lead to acne breakouts and many other skin conditions. Not taking off your mascara can also lead to the weakening and falling off of your eye lashes due to the drying of the chemicals used in mascara.
  2. Due to our busy schedules, we often forget to scrub, exfoliate and cleanse our skin. But the regular cleansing of your skin is really important. It is so because cleansing your skin on regular basis can help in the reduction of skin conditions that happen from environmental pollutants like acne breakouts, spots etc. The daily cleansing, usage of toner and keeping your skin moisturized helps in repairing the damaged skin cells and heal your skin from the inside therefore, keeping it bright, radiant, clean, hydrated, soft and smooth.
  3. The daily cleansing of make up sponges is also very necessary. If it is not cleaned regularly then the foundation keeps on getting accumulated on the sponge and can lead to the growth of harmful bacterias. And over the large period of usage, it will end up hurting you skin and causing skin conditions like acne.
  4. The point of keeping your make up sponges clean brings me to another similar one, make up brushes. Yes, you should be regular in the cleansing of make up brushes as well. Just because make up brushes are used for the application of powdered form of make up and not thick liquids like foundation and concealer, doesn’t means that bacterias will not gather. Also, if the brush stays dirty from its long previous usage, the dirt will affect your skin when you are putting on fresh make up too. For instance, you might have noticed how if you have used your eye’s make up brush to put on dark coloured eye shadow previously, then if you put on a lighter shade the next time, it will darken the lighter shade too.

Those were few of my pro tips. Let me know how they worked out for you.


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