Healthy Trip, Happy Trip!


Sight-seeing. Tourist attractions. Souvenir collections. Native delicacies from restaurants. Comfortable hotel beds. These are just some of the best ways to enjoy a holiday. Everyone dreams of travelling. It is part of human nature. But going on a vacation doesn’t mean taking a break from your healthy habits. It is still very essential to stay fit while going out on a holiday because being sick or unfit may spoil the whole fun. However, there are few adjustments you need to make when going to different kinds of places. Let me offer you some travel advices for you to have a healthy, safe and happy trip!

Before Travelling:

Get a good night sleep– Get enough rest for the big day. You need energy while travelling and sleep is one of the most sought out energy-booster. You don’t want to feel sleepy when you arrive, do you?

Research– Make sure to research about your destination especially its health conditions and climate.

Exercise– Sitting on the bus, trains or planes would probably give you back pains and stiff necks. Thus, it is very important to have a nice work or like taking a long walk or biking before you travel.

Immunization– While some may ignore this, think twice. Vaccines are very important for protection and safety from the diseases that may be common in your destination. Make sure that you and the people you’re going with are up to date.

Medical History– You have to contact your doctor for this if you do not have your health information. Write down your blood type, any allergies, health conditions, prescription medications, immunizations and the like.

Packing– Bring any prescriptions like medicines and vitamin supplements if you have any and place it in your carry-on luggage. Make sure to also bring with you all essential travel supplies like pain relievers, hand sanitizer, ointment, sunscreen and the like.

While travelling:

Say no to high sugar- Sugar can make you feel sleepy which is dangerous especially when driving a long distance.

Water- It is the safest drink while travelling. Water is also essential to prevent jet lags. Stay hydrated during the trip.

Avoid eating too much.

Stretch– Sitting too long could give you body pains. Stretch as many times as possible.

Sleeping– If you’re heading to a destination which is really different from your country’s time zone, you need to take care of your sleeping habits and try to adjust with the new time table.

Sickness– Carsick, seasick, airsick. These are probably quite common to people when travelling. If you feel any of these, tell a crew member. If you were already sick before you travel, make sure you brought your medications with you.


On the place:

Meals– “Don’t eat anything cold that’s meant to be hot or anything hot that’s meant to be cold.” Say’s Theodora from Travels with a Nine Year Old. Taking a vacation or travelling to a place doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to stop eating healthy. Justin from The Great Family Escape suggests eating one meal with fruits and vegetables each day. It is a great way to explore the place’s food market and at the same time, stay healthy.

Exercise– There are many forms of exercise while in a certain country/ place. Walking while exploring the place is a good way to start. It will even save your money. You may also bring small workout tools with you while you travel.

Never skip breakfast– It is the most important meal of the day. You have a long day ahead of you and having a good, heartily-filled breakfast will definitely save you.

Have fun; don’t forget the main reason why you travelled. Be happy, explore the world and discover new things! We have a big world full of wonderful opportunities. 🙂


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