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Women have multiple roles to play in their lives. They are protective mothers, supportive wives, responsible daughter in law and many more. Its very obvious that women dedicates her whole to fulfil what her roles and people around her need her to do so. But during these responsibilities she forgets the fact that she need to play a vital role for herself first then for others. There is a sociological and psychological reason behind the fact that women puts her responsibilities and people first and then herself. This fact makes women incapable of doing what they are needed to and deteriorate in mentally and physical health terms. We know that women can never stop working and ignore her duties. So, there we are sharing some easy health tips for women to follow in daily routine to be healthy and make people healthy.

Helthy food

  • Chew three to four tulsi leaves which would give immense effects. Tulsi has anti bacterial and anti fungal properties which gives a natural defence mechanism against infections. It regulates blood pressure and lowers sugar level. It helps the beta cells of pancreas to work properly. Tulsi is rich oxidant having methyl eugonol and caryphyllene which will fight body radicals. It will make your skin look healthy.
  • Give an herbal start to your day instead of caffeine contained tea or coffee. Although it’s consumption can’t be stopped just in one day. The suggestion is to develop the taste of green teas gradually and then relying completely on them instead of tea and coffee. To make green tea taste better you can add lemon juice and honey to it.
  • Never skip your breakfast or any meal. Breakfast is one of the most important meal for the day whose energy will be carried whole day. Skipping breakfast will disturb the metabolism of the body for the whole day. For the working women or who don’t have much time to prepare proper meals in breakfast making a smoothie would be best; less in time, energy rich. Ad d 5 almonds, 1 tablespoon of protein powder and a half banana in one glass of toned milk. Blend it all and it will be rich in potassium, calcium, protein and natural sugars. Avoid the added sugar to maintain proper sugar level.
  • Avoid additional salt which will prevent blood pressure related problem and control it. It will help you in attaining weight loss more easily. While walking and exercising you can chit chat. So instead of valuing conversations more, value the exercises and brisk walking to control heart rate, sugar level and blood pressure.
  • Introduce some of the exercises of stretching in your daily routine. You can stretch your arms during cooking, stretch your back and neck during working on the PC. Closing your eyes for few seconds will make feel less drowsy and sleepy. Meditation will also make you to channelize the energy in the required proper direction. Try observing your breaths whenever free with closed eyes.



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