Health benefits of Egg


Hiya lovelies! Now I know that all that you have ever used eggs for is your food. But egg has more use to it than just that. Instead of using those chemically filled conditioners to moisturize your hair and give it a shine and smooth texture, you can also opt for a natural way; eggs. They are a rich source of nutrients and can help you in achieving the exact pretty hair you wish for every day. I know it doesn’t sound convincing but here’s why I recommend it:


  1. Eggs contain proteins, vitamins like A, D and B, and fats which can act as a miracle cure for the damages of the hair like dryness, breaking of hair, dull and rough hair.
  2. The application of eggs can prevent the breaking of hair and repair to help you get healthy and strong hair. It is because the nutrients present in eggs can repair the damage done to the hair.
  3. The regular application of egg can also help in getting smooth and soft hair because of the moisturizing properties present in eggs. They can keep the hydration your hair needs so you can say goodbye to the rough and dry hair that you absolutely loathe.
  4. The proteins present in egg provide strength to the hair root and thus prevents hair fall. The vitamins present in egg help in repairing and proper growth of hair.
  5. Some hair packs which can be helpful for your hair:
  6. Egg yolk and yogurt: You can use this mixture to bring a naturally soft and smooth texture to your hair. Take yogurt as per the length required for your hair and one egg yolk. Mix these two until the paste is consisted enough to stay in your hair. Now, just apply this to your hair and let it sit for a good 15-20 minutes. After this, rinse with water.
  7. Egg yolk and olive oil: You can also use this mixture to make your hair stronger and give a natural growth boost. Just take one egg yolk and two teaspoons of olive oil. Mix the two until the paste becomes consistent enough to stay in your hair. Apply the paste to your scalp and hair. Leave it on for 15-20 minutes. Rinse afterward with cool water.
  8. Egg, olive oil, and honey: This hair mask can be useful if you are trying to smoothen and treat your dry, rough and damaged hair. Just take one egg yolk, two teaspoons of olive oil and one teaspoon of honey. Don’t take more than 1 teaspoon of honey because honey already is very thick. Mix the paste until it is consistent enough to sit in your hair. Apply the paste to your hair and leave it for 15-20 minutes. Rinse afterward.

Pro-tip: To get rid of the smell of egg or yogurt in your hair, you can use lemon. This will tear away the smell and leave you with shiny, healthy and smooth hair.



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