Heal your heel


Think of your feet as your physical base; they’re what keep you up and running. So if you’re like most people, and don’t think your feet need consistent care, think again. Cracked heels are one of the most common foot issues that can arise if you don’t pay proper attention. Dry/cracked feet are a sign of lack of attention towards your body and one of the worst nightmares for most women. The skin on the feet tends to become drier as there are no oil glands present there. This dryness causes the skin to crack. Lack of moisture, overexposure to pollution, and some medical conditions such as eczema, diabetes, thyroid, and psoriasis lead to dry and cracked feet. In some people deficiency of zinc and omega -3-fatty acid leads to cracked feet. Following are some signs that can help you recognise your cracked heels:


  • Rough skin on the feet- this is one of the first signs that indicate you are going to develop cracked feet. The callus skin around the heels will lead to cracks.
  • Red, flaky patches- red and flaky skin on the feet shows that your feet need more care. If you ignore the flaky skin the condition will worsen.
  • Itchiness- The shrinking of the upper layers of the skin causes stretching of the skin below and this result in itching.
  • Symptoms worsening during winter- The symptoms like dryness, itchiness and rash increases during cold climate.

But what causes cracked feet?

  • Naturally dry skin – excessive feet activity cause the naturally dry skin to crack.
  • Standing for a long time- standing on hard floors for a long time cause cracked heels.
  • Being overweight- excess weight cause pressure on the feet and cause the feet to expand leading to cracked heels.
  • Aging- aging cause the loss of natural oils from the skin resulting in dry skin which tends to crack.
  • Continuous exposure to water- keeping the feet in water for a long time while bathing or doing any other work standing in water or wet areas remove the natural oils from the skin of the feet. This will leave the skin dry and rough.
  • Non-moisturizing soap- Non- moisturizing soaps when used will not replenish the moisture of the skin causing cracks or fissures of the skin.

Where there is a problem, there is always a solution. So fret not, these remedies can cure your cracked feet:


  • Get a hold of an oil based moisturizer and/or heel balm and apply it daily. Ideally you should apply moisture to your feet twice a day, in the morning and before going to bed.
  • Use a pumice stone, or foot file, every day in the shower. A pumice stone works to shave off dry skin, leaving your heels much softer. Keep in mind, the pumice stone or foot file will work well for mild cases of dry skin.
  • Ripe banana feet pack. Another home remedy that answers your question how to heal cracked feet is to prepare a good fruit pack. You can mash ripe bananas and make it a smooth paste. You can apply this paste to the areas where you notice cracks under your feet and leave it there for about 15 to 20 minutes or overnight. You can then wash it off. You can do it on a regular basis to heal cracked feet easily.
  • Natural Exfoliating Scrub. If you feel that the cracks under then heel does not go away with normal scrubbing of your feet, then you can prepare a natural exfoliating scrub to apply on the cracked areas. Add a few teaspoons of honey, apple cider vinegar to coarse rice flour powder and mix these ingredients well to make a coarse paste. Now, soak your feet in a bucket of warm water for 20 minutes and then apply this paste under your feet. Leave it on your feet overnight and then rinse it off first thing in the morning. This will help to reduce cracked feet and will also prevent it from cracking further.
  • Try losing some weight if you’re not in a healthy range. Excess weight has a multitude of drawbacks, and burdening your feet is one them. Reducing the pressure on your heels can do wonders for the skin around them.

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