Harmful Heels!


You are short, wear heels. You have a presentation, you want to feel confident, wear heels. This dress will look good on you only if you wear heels Heels will make you look better. It will give a stance to your personality. But, hey! Is it going to help in the long run of life?  Wearing high heels once a month, may be fine but daily? You are in for a lifelong health problem then for sure. Here are the problems that one would face for wearing high heels.



Keeping the present fashion in mind, high heels are created. They give a high to you in fashion and a low to you in comfort. This way, there is a lot of continuous pressure on the balls of your feet which causes unevenness in weight distribution and intern leading to lower back pain. Your odd posture stresses the nerves of your lower back.


Again, the entire weight of your body is resting on the balls of your feet.  This causes a lot of pain on your feet. This can even lead to swelling of your feet. The bottom area of your feet even turns yellow due to the pressure on the balls of your feet.  A heel holds your foot together in a particular position and decreases the quotient of comfort.


The ones who wear heels on regular basis are prone to getting sore calves. It also protrudes veins in the legs. Once the veins are out, they don’t go in again. This makes the legs look completely out of shape. So, for women who wear heels to give their entire body some good shape will face an entirely shapeless set of feet! The shape becomes shapeless due to sore calves.


It’s very easy to sprain your ankle by wearing heels in a city wherein there are so many oodles and uneven roads. The pointed heels can just twist and there, your ankle is sprained.


Your lower back curves when you wear heels. This also results in pushing your butt out of the body. Due to the arched lower back, your spine curves and in turn leads to back pain (back pain in lower as well as upper back).


The patterns of your heels are such that they make your feet look stylish, thin and elegant. They even change the position of your feet. Also, the shoes are tiptoed at the toes of your feet. This leads to blocking in flow of blood to your feet. This leads to redness to your feet and also increases the pain in your legs. Relishing a fashion high by having ache in the foot is less sensible.



Wearing heels daily leads to crooked heels and also broadens your feet also in some cases. All in all, makes your feet crooked or shapeless. This happens because the bones in your feet also lose their shape.

Heels are girls reel friends. They should be worn smartly. It is advisable that girls massage their feet after wearing heels.


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