Hairdo’s for everyone


Every face shape has a cut suited for their hair, right? Every hairdresser will tell you that! Hairdressers always take a long look in the mirror at a new client, digesting the strong and weak points of bone structure and features before setting to with the scissors. They do this not to make you squirm, but because face shape is as much of a make or break factor to a new look as hair type. Faces come in different shapes and sizes. There are round faces, oval ones, squares and diamonds as well. That does not mean one shape is better than the other, it just means there are different types of hairstyles that suit different face types. While one hairstyle can frame your face and give it definition where it needs it most, others can completely ruin your look by accentuating the features you’d want to hide. But then there are some styles that, when tweaked around a bit can suit any face shape and here they are.

  • Style with a BANG. Apart from meaning it literally, side swept bangs suit almost every face shape. They take the emphasis away from the tapered chin of heart shapes, soften a square face and add dimension to a round face. Long faces are the only type of face shape that should stick to blunt bangs above the brows, to add width to the face.
  • The SIDE business. Be it a side bun, a side pony or a side braid, every side story (pun intended) can be applied to every face type. It softens your face angles and highlights the slenderness of your neck. Add side swept bangs along with it, and voila the attention is on you.


  • LAYER your hair. Layers suit everyone! It just depends how they are cut, really. If you have a round face you want your layers to start around the chin to make your face look longer. For long faces, start the layers higher, for example, around the cheekbones. A razored, textured cut is best for you! Square faced beauties, you need to keep the look wispy and start layers a bit below the cheeks to make your strong jaw look softer.
  • BOB your hair. If you want to go shorter but still be in your comfort zone, a bob is the cut for you. The bob can be moulded into whatever you want. Add an asymmetrical fringe to break a long face, a deep sided parting to cover up a big forehead or add dimension to a square face. Longer faces can curl the back and sides of their hair to get a look fitting for them.
  • The cute PIXIE. Now, this cut isn’t for the faint hearted, such short hair needs to be pulled off with attitude and the right way to do that is to have it cut by the shape of your face. Round faces need a little height on the pixie cut, so try to have tall layered cut that makes the face look longer. Long faces can pull off this cut with side swept short bangs, oval faces can pull off this style no matter how they choose too! Lucky! Heart shaped faces need side swept bangs which are long to keep the balance of angles on the face. Square shaped faces just need to make their pixies look soft rather than spiky and they’ll look great!

So choose a haircut and rock your world girl.


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