Hair Nourishment and Massage


Every second girl or the women does have done something or the other in her hair to make her look prettier. Be it ironing, smoothing, or rebounding or simply a haircut that would suit her personality. While doing all these experiments we would never think of the after effects. But when time comes, the reality runs in front of the eyes, and then we wake up and realize. In today’s times when we are using the various products in our hair and we make sure that we look the best in the occasions, it is equally our responsibility to take care of our hair.

Once we are done with the occasions or the parties and that we wash our hair, the heat that had been used to set the hair up or the various hair styling products such as gel or mousse, spray or color, damages the quality of our hair and eventually leave them with split ends. It becomes very crucial for one to give in proper attention to the hair and keep them intact.


After every such treatments or hair styling, it should be mandatory for one to have a hot oil hair massage such that the oil seeps down the roots of the hair. In case of smoothing and rebounding of hair, the quality of hair is literally damaged after the end of the period; therefore, one should make sure to give proper nourishment to their hair. Condition your hair on regular basis and give ample amount of oil to balance the quality of the hair.

Now a days, even hair spa is available where in the hair is given proper massage with the conditioner, the little amount of steam that opens the pores of the hair and the massage that allows the conditioning of the hair to be reaching to the roots. It is therefore recommended to at least go for one sitting of the hair spa and let it be massaged and nourished as much as it can be.

 While you wish to do something at home for the betterment of your hair, you can always use the various mineral rich oil treatments that will give a better quality to your hair. Castor oil, olive oil and almond oil prove to be the best nourishing oils that one can have and should be using for the better results for hair. Although castor oil is very oily and sticky but it does give the best results of all and should be at least applied once a week.


When in doubt, always end up nourishing your hair either with fine hot oil massage or a hot towel treatment which would give the required nourishment to your hair in minutes and that you need not worry much thereon. The oil when seeping down the roots, give them the nutrients that they require to build in the new strand and help in recovering the damaged one. Ensure that you take care of your hair as you will never have the one that you had yesterday.


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