Hair loss


Hair loss is a pretty common problem these days. As much as you hate to admit it, it happens with all of us. Visible signs of hair loss? Finding hair strands in your comb, on your shirt, on your pillow and what not. It is like everywhere you look, in your bed or on your chair, you will find hair in all the places. And, honestly, it’s pretty gross. However, if you are someone who faces this problem then this article might be able to help you out. Hair loss can be treated and controlled if you follow just some simple tips and take some precautions.


There are not just one but many reasons why hair loss becomes a part of daily life. Today, there are many people who go through various kinds of hair treatments, the increased usage of heating tools on the hair for the purposes of drying the hair or straightening it or curling it. The very common trend of hair colouring or hair highlighting also comes under one of the reasons behind hair loss. So, for those of you who can relate to these points need to be much more careful in taking care of your hair. If you colour your hair or treat it even, then be sure to use only those hair care products which specialize in these particular hair conditions.

Our hair is mostly made up of proteins. One of the main proteins is keratin. Keratin is needed for the strengthening of the hair. Many of the people who deal with damaged, dull, rough and frizzy hair tend to go through keratin treatment to bring their hair back to its strong and healthy state. However, to deal with the protein deficiency, you can also increase the intake of Vitamin C, protein, iron, copper and zinc which can prove useful in treating your hair. You can get these by taking the proper amounts of nuts, whole grains, soya, spinach, eggs, pulses, oranges, lemon, tomato, watermelon, milk, beans. These items will help in treating your hair and bring back the natural strength, shine and softness of your hair.


Another common and particularly Indian home remedies to treat damaged hair is the oiling the hair. We all have seen our mothers and our grandmothers do it. Massaging the scalp and hair especially if the oil is lukewarm can help in making the roots of your hair strong and thereby, treating your hair. Olive oil and coconut oil is usually preferred when oiling your hair. You can leave it over night for quicker and better results or if you are in a hurry, then you can also oil your hair 30 minutes before washing it.

Stress and tension is also one of the reasons behind hair loss. In a rushed and hectic lifestyle, we are burdened with responsibilities and tend to get stressed. This can cause hair loss too. To prevent stress, meditation and yoga can be a great help. This will make your more relax thereby helping in the proper amount of production of hormones in your body.


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