Hair Care in winters – Love your hair all seasons!!!


When winters usher your hair screams – “Enemy” Well the poor hair are not to blame. After all the chilly winds give you split ends, dry, frizzy unmanageable hair which makes bad hair day a nightmare come true. And mind you, moderate winters can cause the same level of damage as freezing temperatures. Like any best friend, you should be ready to lend your hair a helping hand in troubled times. After all they are your crowning glory. Make your hair shine and smile with these easy to follow replenishing tips.

Quick fix 1 – Go for hair products that contain essential fatty acids, soy protein and panthenol which are must haves to brave the winter weather. Dry and brittle hair are a thing of past if you know your hair type and match your conditioner to suit it. Thick, curly hair demand deep conditioning once a week in the form of hair mask or pack which works wonders when left for about 30 minutes on hair. Leave scalp out of the conditioning procedure or you might end up with too oily looking hair. Deep conditioning will help to replenish the moisture that gets depleted due to winter air.

Quick fix 2 – We all love the freshly washed hair look. Don’t we? But this love affair will have to take a pause in winters. 2 times a week is a good number. This will help to prevent excessive drying out of hair. Also, make sure your hair is air dried before you step out of the house. Winds will make your wet hair go zombie. We are not even talking about the cold, cough and sneezes.

Quick fix 3 -Trim Time! Snipping those half inch hair once in 2 months will keep your hair protected from split ends and dry hair. For controlling those fly-away, use styling mousse, extra gloss wax or hair oil.

Quick fix 4 – Keep Styling to the minimum. Hair is pretty weak during winters. Blowers and Dryers cause hair breakage and parched strands if used on a daily basis. These effects stay beyond winter as the hair becomes limp, dull and thin due to continued hair loss. If you need to use irons and dryers, set them on low heat and don’t forget to use leave-in conditioner. Always towel-dry your hair and rub the ends with another dry towel. If you have frizzy and curly hair, let it dry naturally.

Quick fix 5 – Dry flaky and itchy scalp is often common during winter. Get rid of this irritating and embarrassing itching, by opting for scalp message with nourishing oil – Coconut, Vitamin E or Olive oil before going under the shower.  These oils replenish the natural scalp oils and moisturize the hair. Rinsing the hair with apple cider vinegar is great if you suspect hair problem due to product build up on the scalp. Lock in the moisture by running your hair through cold water.

Eat fresh fruits and veggies which galore in winter and keep yourselves hydrated from inside by sipping enough water. Enjoy the nip in the air during winter by following these easy quick fix tips and nothing will come between you and your hair in enjoying the beautiful climate. Tension free, guaranteed!!!


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