Hair care for summers


Summers; just the name brings up the vibe of vibrancy, brightness, fun and happiness and the season lives up to its name too. However, aside from giving all of you the best time of your lives, summer also brings the worries of how to properly take care of yourself during the season. Just a month before its arrival, we all start worrying about how to prep our summer hair care routine in advance so that we don’t have to suffer later on. I mean, just see for yourself how many changes your hair goes through in this season.


So, let’s talk about what you should do and what you should not do to keep your hair healthy and shiny this summer season. During summers, the heat is just excessive, the weather gets humid, winds become harsh and full of heat, the pollutants of the environment just add up to a lot. All of these factors end up damaging your hair. You often face dull hair, broken and damaged hair, split ends, rough hair, greasy and limp-ish hair, frizzy hair and dandruff. In addition to these, using additional heat on your hair whether blow drying, straightening or curling just makes it worse. So, I think you can imagine why you need to protect your hair this summer.

One of the best ways to keep moisture locked in your hair is to make use of conditioner on a regular basis. Conditioning your hair can prevent dry, rough and frizzy hair. It will keep the hair moisturized thereby giving you shiny, soft and smooth hair. You can also use leave-in conditioners instead of the normal ones, they also work wonders to your hair.

Don’t wash your hair too often. In summers, the scalp tends to get dried and when you wash your hair too much, then it just makes the scalp even drier. Hence, your scalp feels the need to release additional oil to protect your hair and ends up making your hair greasy. Sweat also contributes to greasy hair. So, choose your shampoo wisely which gives you just the amount of moisture that you need and prevent washing it too often. When washing hair, focus on your roots or scalp more than your hair.


Cut out the heating products. Yes, I know they make your hair look beautiful but they damage it as well. The excessive heat in summers already damages your hair by drying it out and stripping it off its moisture. In a situation like this, you can imagine how much worse your hair will get if you use additional heat on your hair. Switch to air dry. First, gently towel dry your hair and instead of pulling on your hair, go easy on them. Then, let the natural heat and air dry your hair for you.

Since, colouring hair is trendy this season. So, be careful if you do so. Use the shampoo and conditioner which are specifically made to use on coloured hair. Keep your hair covered when you’re out in the sun.


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