Great Tips on how to have your hair looking great throughout winter


The cold season is here and a lot of things need to change from how you dress to how you take care of your skin. Well your hair too needs some special treatment and care during the winter season. Most of us always experiences sever hair breakage during winter and your hair spends the rest of the season feeling bad and looking miserable. Well what you need to remember is that the same problems that your skin goes through during winter so does your hair. Your hair experiences extreme cold and sever wind when outdoors and it experiences hot room temperatures when indoor which end up taking away all the moisture from your hair and leaving it all dried up and easy to break.


This winter you need to give your hair a special treat and have it looking and feeling like in the summer. Here are a few tips on how to have your hair strong and healthy despite the harsh winter conditions.


During winter its best if you frequently condition your hair. According to several hair stylists and specialists, you need to deep condition your hair at least two times in one week. If you have hair that is brittle then the best type of conditioner for your hair is one that contains Shea butter since it has very good moisturising abilities. It’s also good to add some oil to the conditioner and mixing the two before applying to your hair. Oils such as olive, coconut and avocado among many others will make help improve the functionalities of the conditioner.

However if your hair is still looking dull then it’s best if you condition it daily using leave in conditioner. That way you can be sure to will always be hydrated and moisturised throughout the day and the season as well.

Avoid blow drying and flat iron

During winter try as much as you can to avoid using flat iron to style your hair since it will just result in more damage to your hair. Blow drying on the other hand during winter increases electricity static. The best thing is for you to control the amount of heat in the drier and the time you spend in it and if your hair does not get better then you can use static guard. Spray some static guard on a brush and run it through your hair.

Less shampooing

If you must shampoo then make sure that you do not exceed three times in a week and if you can use a shampoo that is low on sulphate since it has great moisturising benefits. If you happen to experience dry and itchy scalp then a simple remedy to that would be to smear oil from a vitamin E capsule onto the hair.


Make sure you have installed a humidifier in your room so that it can help replenish the lost moisture through heaters and radiators through the day. That way both your hair and your skin can benefit from the moisture gain. Also remember to eat foods that contain biotin so that you can enhance both hair, skin and nail development.


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