Good Night Sleep Tips


Life is getting tougher thee days, you have no time to relax, long working hours and stress is almost killing your daily life. And all this stress and hard work is resulting into bad health for people who are not regular in exercising and relaxing there body and mind. Sleep disorders, also referred as insomnia is one of these health issues which most of the people suffer.

The human body needs between 6-8 hours of sleep daily to function well; depending on the type of person and the work you do or your overall structure, you may need more or less hours of sleep. Never run to cover these 8 hours, everyone is different and so are their relaxation requirements.

Beautiful woman lying and sleep on the snowy bed

However, it always happen to us that for some concern, overwork or a restless mind, we cannot sleep, and keep on struggling to get it the whole night, and then reach office with a bad mood and tired body even after spending hours on the bed.

Let us go through some tips and tricks which may be helpful in getting a good sleep.

No light please in the bedroom

You need to regulate the lightning of your bedroom, make sure that there is no direct light source coming to your face when you are in the bedroom. It really prevents a good sleep if your room is filled with light or there are multiple sources like street lamps, power indicators, mosquito repellents etc through which some or the other kind of light is filled in the room. You need to get rid of this light. Have a bed switch or lamp which you can easily power on if required. Normally for people with kids it becomes important to have some light to have an eye on their toddlers and their movements. But remember a dark room also helps your kids to get a deep sleep.

Control your hunger at dinner

Experts recommend dinner at least 90 minutes before going to sleep, a meal that does not cause indigestion. Always try to go for a light dinner, you should also eat less but no so less that you start feeling hungry in the midnight. Clearly miss sweet items which may increase the body glucose which can cause restlessness during your sleep. Moreover it is also recommended to avoid exciting drinks such as colas, coffee and tea before going to bed. People suggest for warm milk but that too must be taken earlier, not at the time of going to bed.

No noisy room or lot of equipments

Your room should not be filled with lot of household goods and TV and music players etc. Even avoid keeping electronic items in your bedroom.  They all can cause diversion and be hurdles in your sleep regime. Your bedroom should is the only a place to sleep. Nothing else.

Letting go of the tensions of the day

If there is something you really care, or several things you have done and you keep on thinking about them can lead to not getting a better sleep. To avoid this just grab a paper and a pen and start pointing things that are pending or things you care about and want to solve, and finally write it down for tomorrows to do list.

This helps you in subconsciously relax more easily for the time being and temporarily get away from things that worry you and not letting you sleep properly.

Avoid being concentrated at bedtime

In the hours before bedtime it is advised not to do tasks that require too much concentration, such as studying or making a project plan or anything which really required your head to work hard.

I know sometimes it seems that we may have failed to complete some work which was ultra urgent and we try to finish it in night before going to bed, but the problem is that when you start doing this, you get into this habit of working in the night, try to be more organized so that you can finish your work on time and can relax before going to bed. This will surely help you in getting the right kind of sleep required for your body to relax.

A nice relaxing bath

Something a bath helps you getting relaxed and get out of that whole day’s tiredness before going to bed.

All these points should help you in getting a good sleep, if not it might be the time to see a doctor for help.


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