Golden Blocks!


Years before, our ancestors would save money to buy that one heck of the gold jewelry that they can from that savings. Later one, our mothers and aunts started being little of fashionable and resorted to the diamonds and the limitations and the various others gems and stones. With time, when people had stopped using the golden jewelry is back in fashion. Not the real gold but the artificial gold jewelry and the accessories are all that is being in the trend and that girls would run for.

Today, almost any of the colored attire is being blocked with that golden bangle or the earring or the ring. That golden colored glow over the body just shines on every outfit that you wear and that it can never go wrong. The trend is settling in almost all of the corners of the world especially in the metro and the fashionable cities.


Talking about Mumbai, the streets of the city are being filled with the jewelry vendors with the golden hangings all around their stall. The golden accessories move from the streets to the houses to the mansions as well. There are no boundaries or the limitations of one to certain places or locations.

Jewelry has that power of keeping you unique with that one little thing over you. No matter how good you dress, you are always incomplete without some kind of accessory, be it a ring or the earring or the bangles and bracelets or a simple long chain that goes around your neck, straight to your chest with that small pendant in it. Or in case you need something loud, the accessories are being created in dark colors and that the gold is everywhere.

It is said that the golden jewelry over a girl or women not only looks fabulous but classy as well and that she should continue wearing it. The only thing that you need to keep in mind is that make sure that whenever you are styling, make sure you add the right accessory to the right place and right time with the right outfit. The golden bangle would not suit with a crop top and should rather prefer the sexy golden earrings.

All the time whenever you are moving out of your home make sure that you are better carrying off yourself well and not simply moving just to add that gold to you. If nothing comes in mind, just that golden pair of heels or the glittered ones, pair it up with a good top and jeans and just get away for the party.

Anytime or anywhere, gold is that glitter and that it suits the best of all. Just glitter with the confidence and little of makeup and it is definitely your day to glam it up. When lights up, resort to gold and your problems are solved there and that minute and you need not worry about the rest. Beat it up and the day is yours. Glow with the gold.


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