Get it straight with “One-liner T-shirts”


In my natural course of reading blogs and going through what people are writing and sharing, i landed on Really loved the way things are being presented and the overall content of the website and then got inspired to write this post.

Love it or Hate it! But you simply can’t ignore the one liner t-shirt revolution that has caught the world by storm. Our eyes love to pause and read witty, funny, social or even crap messages written across the tees worn by men and women with shared enthusiasm. What makes the “One liner T-shirt” trend a permanent staple these days is the sheer lazy elegance with which it allows you to stand out and be yourself. It allows for the most treasured human right – “Freedom of Expression”.


What started as a college goer trend has steadily risen to the closets of people across demographics including very professional office crowd, hip party people, social activists and any regular person you might come across on streets. It’s funky as it lets you impress others with the thoughts you wear because it invariably implies that you support or believe in what you are wearing. Team it up with anything you are comfortable with – denims, cotton shorts, skirts or capris and laugh your way through those curious glares and amusing giggles.

One-liner t-shirts have become great conversation starters especially on first dates or gathering of friends as it gives fodder for discussion. Colours are unstoppable in this trend and online shopping boom has added to the love for this fashion trend. Don’t be mistaken by the cosy, regular feel of these t-shirts as they can be paired up with luxe pieces for that instant attention. Many don’t even shy away from wearing these t-shirts at formal events. It’s a quick affordable way to showcase extension of your personality.

Mass awareness or protest for social causes has never used a fashion trend so effectively as the one-liner t-shirts. Anye0dc4ed275d2bd2d0301b55013334a41 rally or meeting is incomplete without these effective pieces of clothing. Wearing your heart on sleeves! Eh! Grandma’s tip: Be careful in not hurting any particular section of society with appalling or demeaning messages. Wear this fashion sensation with responsibility to be cool, fun and strong. 🙂

Cool ways to wear one-liner t-shirts:

  • Pair it with bomber or leather jackets if you are going for a rock show or movie night with friends
  • Wear it with a easy breezy pastel shirts or shrugs for that college chic feel
  • Team it up with denim shorts or ripped jeans to give carefree feel to your personality
  • For high spirited fun, match your accessories with the colour of your one-liner quotes
  • Wear a stole or scarf around your tee for that powerful punchy appearance
  • You can even wear the t-shirt under a formal pinstriped or floral blazer on later days of office week
  • Express your personal joy of being parents, getting hitched or big event in your life through one-liner cute couple tees
  • Suave hats, sling bags and booties are perfect accessories to accentuate your t-shirt look

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