Fringes and Tassels – Fun Guide for the Fun You


We all love fun, don’t we darlings? I bet we love our clothing to be fun too, something in which you feel playful and alluring. Well, meet your new style buddies – Fringes and Tassels. These are no longer limited to those Moulin Rouge or Great Gatsby kinds of festival and carnival events. But have now taken a firm place on any clothing or accessories that you can sport on your body. You can spot them practically everywhere from jackets, footwear to bags and dresses. You just name it and these swaying tassels are ready to tickle your fancy. Rejoice!

You know the most amazing thing about this super fashion trend? There are many if you think of it but the most surprising and winning element of wearing fringes is that you can switch your looks. Hard to digest? Not really sweeties. Want to feel formal – Go for a tasseled formal blouse, unleash the boho hippie in you by wearing flimsy fringe skirt and tasseled bag or have a wedding party to attend – Just be your flirty attractive self in that fringe benefit gown or cocktail dress. The tassel detailing allows you to stand out in an understated way. So refreshing 🙂

Fringes and Tassels

Fringe has successfully been incorporated in hit runways of Gucci, Dolce and Gabbana, Steve Madden, Zara, Tibi and works. The cute tassels meld with anything, anywhere and anytime – be it winter, fall or spring. If you are a lover of accessories, bags and shoes then you can’t even imagine to the extent this fringy can be experimented for making you an edgy fashionista instantly.


If you are not sure whether this trend would look easy on you or make you look awkward. Fret not. Start with simple detailing like by carrying a tasseled clutch, wearing cute stole with one-two singular fringes at the end, your swimwear or as basic as a necklace, bracelet and earring. Whether your style is sweet, edgy, boho or laid back, the fringe is a quirky way to show off your taste in fashion. That’s the beauty of this trend sweetheart – You can control the intensity of the look to your liking!!!

Our Hollywood stars Cher and Jimi Hendricks have been the front runners in making this trend hot – be it their ponchos, jackets or trousers.  Fringe has travelled from rock ‘n’ roll, boho western look to being adapted in sleek silhouettes which are luxe and chic. If you are a fan of Marc Jacobs, Versace, Cavali, Jimmy Choo or Calvin Klein then worship their verdict by wearing those sexy and glamorous tassels. Capture

So what is stopping you? Grab those shopping heels or hit your favorite online site. Those fringe show stoppers are waiting to be adorned by you. Did I hear someone say, Tassel Tassel Bedazzle? Enjoy beauties. 🙂


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