Free yourselves at night


Whenever we enter the homes from our work place or that we have come back from outside, most of us first get to our rooms and change into the casuals and “ghar ke kapde”. It brings us relief and that we are more comfortable with that. Many of us do have the habit of working better when we are comfortable, especially with the clothes as well as the environment. And it is very obvious that your brain works better when you are happy with the environment that you are working, and that you are comfortable enough to move yourself and the brains.

According to the surveys and researches, it has found that the progress of the people is deteriorating because of the environment that is unhealthy or not liked by, uncomfortable or that they are not happy with the people around them. The more you feel free with yourselves, the more you can concentrate on the work that you are doing or that you have to be done.


It is said that if you feel having the peaceful sleep if you are sleeping nude. The more open you are with your body, the better you will be. The moment you enter your bed, make sure that you are free from your clothes and you are comfortable while sleeping. Avoid wearing jeans or tight bottoms; even lose t-shirts at nights are preferable such that your body can breathe.

Men usually do sleep without t-shirts which allows their body to breathe and have a peaceful sleep. On the other hand, women are recommended to remove their bras at night while sleeping. It allows the body to catch up with the fresh air and that even the bras at night are not good for the growth of the breasts. Black colored bras, padded bras, and the synthetic ones are strictly a NO-NO for the women to be wearing at the night because it reduces the growth of the breast and it also does become the cause of the breast cancer that women face.

When we don’t take care of our own bodies, which will? We ought to take care of the body systems and when we do take proper care, we are mold into better individuals, the lifeline increases and we live healthy lives. The people who live healthy lives makes sure that their bodies are working in better conditions and all that it requires is given to them. The more you free your bodies at night, the more oxygen it is able to inhale and that it stays healthy thereafter.

Always make sure that your body is important to you and therefore, proper care is taken of it. Giving proper oxygen to your body, prevent it from the other diseases and cancers, avoid the habits that are not good for the bodies and the systems of your body. The way you live your lives matter and affect the lifeline of yours. Ensure the healthy life of yours and be the best survivor.


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